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Monday, November 07, 2011

Do the Metz have a Reyes of Hope for the Future?

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This is going to be an odd off season. The Mets are firing staff, the brass is making noises about cutting payroll. And yet fans still hold out for a Reyes return. So I wanted to share this sad picture with you.

Talk about blowing the whole thing up and Sandy-fying the roster is still just talk. For instance, if the Mets believe that moving and painting the walls will matter, then it doesn't make sense to trade Wright this winter before seeing if the renovations ignite the slugging percentages. Or more likely, the Wilpons will have just added more empty, expensive seats to the empty expensive seats they already have. But I won't be shocked if a rebuilding project is the new reality. Let's get some pitching at least.


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