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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Top 10 Considered but Rejected Motivational Phrases for Mets Minor Leaguers

John Delcos on his unfortunately named but informative blog The LoHud Mets Blog reported last week that the organization has posted placards saying "Choices, Decisions, Consequences" in the minor league clubhouse. Over at Metsblog, Matthew Cerrone picks up the theme to suggest his own personal mantra.
Choices, Decisions, Consequences.
Now, as an organizational philosophy, this seems a little pessimistic to me, but I asked around and found that the Mets considered a few other options--ways to capture the ethos of the organization--before settling on these inspirational words...

10. "Bleach spray, fire-crackers, playing cards"

9. "Coffee, tea, or me?"

8. "Hookers, boobies, and smack" (for New Orleans Zephyrs)

7. "Wilson, Izzy, Pulsipher"

6. Derek Jeter Sucks.

5. "Our Team, Our Time, ahhh no, no, no.

4. "Who Let the dogs out"

3. "What would Mookie do?"

2. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

1. "Coupons, skillsets, meaningful games"

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