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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shameless Cross-Promotion: From the Desk of Omar

This morning, Mets fans all over the world received a heartening email from GM Omar Minaya today, and I was able to procure a copy of the rough draft, to give my readers a peak behind the smooth operator's shinny exterior. It's posted over at the Deuce, so check it out!

While you're at it, click on over to and give our newest bench boy Damion Easley some love!

Bud Selig Sucks the Big One Update:

It's been relatively quiet on the DirecTV front, but the story of the deal Tim Keown at ESPN's Page 2 calls a "incredibly horrendous business decision" has been picked up recently just about everywhere, by the Boston Globe, USA Today, Salon, and discussed in something called Baseball Digest Daily. Plus, there are now two different petitions to sign.

Two new themes are emerging:
1) The MLB hates Old People.
Yes the retirees are suffering too; AARP readers, listen up! If you can keep your constituents on the road driving long past the time they can see clearly or track moving objects without getting dizzy, driving up until that time when they plow through the local farmer's market, you can certainly STOP THE MLB!
2) The MLB is at best, unresponsive. MLB is sending out heartless responses to customer complaints. Hey at least these guys GOT a response. I'm still waiting.

Unfortunately, Salon's King Kaufmann does have a point when he describes the MLB's thinking on this, which could be described as another corollary to the "Joe Buck Theorum":

There's almost nothing baseball can throw at its most dedicated customers that will make them go away. A decade of Fox being the national broadcast TV network is all the evidence we need to back up that assertion.

Should the deal go through, would fans be willing to hurt the MLB where it counts, and boycott the MLB.TV service that the MLB is, by some accounts, hoping will save them from alienating the fans?

I've prayed to Jebus, Santa, and each of the Beatles (and Yoko) every night to make this deal go away...

As always,
Bite Me, Bud.

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