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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

when mets fans attack!

Mets fans gone wild!

By now, you may have read about the 18 year old who used a fake press pass to get into the Mets visitor's clubhouse. Just another young man trying to get close to Mike Piazza, right? No there's more: Jay Horwitz demonstrated the Met's tough stance on this kind of crime, saying of the second degree criminal impersonation charges “This is a message to anyone who thinks the can impersonate a press person and sneak in.” Hmm…impersonating a journalist, huh? What terrible punishments will the Mets bring to bear on some of the other beat writers?

What's the deal with Wallace?

Speaking of impersonating journalists, Wallace Matthews' latest whack job is up and running on the internets. This time, he hates the Mets because they won’t pay Willie, a real non-issue, since minutes later, they did pay Willie. Lighten up Wally, we're laughing at you not with you, plus you're ruining complaining for the rest of us.

Matthew Cerrone is politely baffled by the latest salvo, but what I'd like to see is a steel cage match between pseudo-journalist, Met-hater Wall-ass and curmudgeonly mailbag-master, Met fan-hater Marty Noble. My money is on Noble; he's just more vicious.

Marty Noble VS.

Join me in boycotting the MLB

"what's that?" You heard me bitch.

My MLB boycott is in its 5th or 6th day, I forgot. I refuse to visit their website, or give two shits about spring training ticket packages, and if any one asks, I am exploring my other professional athletic options. I must say, the NFL was hella interesting this weekend. Those yellow All-Star shirts were fucking assy. I will add some more depth to my boycott, as soon as I get over the shock of Bud Selig absolutely screwing millions of out of town fans and other passionate baseball lovers by reportedly yanking the "Extra Innings" package off of cable.

Fear me MLB, as I bring the awesome power of the internet to bear on your trembling interns.

Or something.

Paul Lo Duca also to miss time at beginning of season

Mets first baseman and player-who-can-do-whatever-the-fuck-he-wants-because-did-you-see-his-postseason-production Carlos Delgado told a Puerto Rican newspaper that he may miss time at the start of the season because his wife is due to give birth around that time. Not to be outdone, Mets starting catcher, Paul "Captain Red Ass" LoDuca announced that he would be missing a few days on account of delivering a food baby.


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