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Thursday, January 11, 2007

HOT STOVE Shoobie Doobie! (TM) "Make it Funky"

We all know Willy loves it when a reliever can bring the funk. But where are this year's funky fellas? Ya got me, unless Joe Smith is trying on the hot pants. What to make of the signing of Scott Schoeneweis? Well Willie is "more of a show me guy," at least when discounting a young pitcher's playoff performance (which one might imagine qualifies as "showing") as qualifying him for a rotation spot, so maybe that's what this is all about. Schoeneweis, Show. We need a nickname for this guy for sure, even before we understand why exactly he was signed.
If he performs at the beginning of the season, maybe "The Show," like a wrestler.
Showsie. If he was a hockey player.
I dunno.
(sidenote: Ambiorix Burgos=Burgy? Amby? Amburgie?)

"Honor" the Duaner, perhaps the best nicknamed relief pitcher in Mets history, (especially if you count the possibilities of "Dirty" Sanchez) is back in the fold. Insert taxi joke here.

Peter Abraham sheds some possible light on dishonorably discharged ex-Met, klansman-looking, soon-to-be-journey man pitcher John Thomson 's outburst upon signing with the witness protection AL East Blue Jays:

"Thomson also celebrated his new deal by criticizing Cliff Floyd.
"He can hit the ball, but as far as defense, he's a little shaky," Thomson said.
Lo Duca could not be reached for comment. Thomson's anger could be related to a 1-0 loss he suffered against the Mets last April 29, when he was pitching for the Braves. Lo Duca won that game with a home run off him.
Floyd made a diving catch in that game to save a run.

Most Metsfans first thought is, "who?", followed quickly by "Omar was trying to sign that hick?" Maybe he has a teenage daughter he is protecting?

With this, Thomson comes in near the top of the "Top Bizzarely Unnecessary or Counterproductive Organizational or Employee Putdowns of the Mets" list, which off the top of my head, looks something like this...

1) Traitor Al Leiter (Immediately disuading Delgado from signing in NY by describing the media pressure: "It just chip, chip, chip, chips away at your resolve, cracking away your protective toughness”)
2) Rey Ordonez (Ordonez to Metsfans: "You're stupid")
3) John Rocker
4) Doug Mientkiewicz
5) Anna Benson
6) Carlos Delgado (I blame Sloane)
7.) John Thompson

Unassigned Reading file: An interesting article on the recent struggles of Taiwanese baseball

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Benson DID cheat on Anna after her "sleep with the whole team" pledge! That's funny. I guess I knew there was a reason for them going though the motions about the divorce in 2006, but I never put it all together like this. Apparently the Daily News reported this at some point. Ah on second thought, I don't care.


  • At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude -- I totally need you on metsblog these days as there's a Wallace Matthews clone who believes every move Minaya makes is garbage. I need to refocus my simmering hatred to a blogger who at least has perspective.

    Come back IMFM. Come back!

    <3 Constnza


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