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Friday, December 16, 2005

Mets blogosphere: Funniest Postings

Here are several of my favorite chucklers from the Mets Blogosphere 2004-2005. I may turn this into a recurring feature... feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

Blog: Fred Wilpon is the Devil
post title: Saving for Posterity, July 7th 2005
In this little skit Freddie Coupon mistakes Willie for Mookie and navigates an increasingly confusing seating chart

Site: Naver Sports
Title: The New York Mets, by Choi Hoon
This cartoon retrospective (?) of the 2005 season proves that Looper sucks in any language.
For "translations."

Blog: Metstradamus
Hate List Hall of Fame, Monday July 18th 2005, updated Aug 20 2005.
Right on the money, and right on the hating!

Site: MSG, Bill Daughtry
"A five-star deal for the Amazins!" July 30, 2004
Even in a world where Fran Healy roams the streets a free man, Bill Daughtry's 2004 review of the Duke's Black Friday wheeling and dealing on MSG is a monument to asinine commentary, and thus, is a freakin comedy classic. If I am ever indicted, I will hire this guy as my publicist. As Daughtry sums it up, "In all, it's a great deal for the Mets. The bottom line is they didn't give up a whole lot. They did give up a quality player in Wigginton, but again, they answered their biggest need. You have to give five stars to Jim Duquette."
Covering baseball with the critical edge of one of those Movie Reviewers who write the glowing blurbs for "Honey I Shrunk the Kids, 4" --His columns are worth a look, for example, elsewhere Bill bravely stands up for cheating.

(Non-Mets, but still a bit funny:)

Blog: Fire Joe Morgan
Humorously and viciously goes after sportswriters, mostly viciously.

Site: Dodger Blues
Its like reading about the Mets, but in LA. Merciless skewering and i loves it. check out Dodger quotes section for extra giggles.


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