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Thursday, November 17, 2005

feedback: Kammy for Nady

Who knows what this trade will amount to in a few years, but I find a few of the breathless justifications offered on other blogs troublingly naive.

1) The trade "Frees up money" so that the mets can make other moves. You know you're dealing with a baffling trade when this is the number one benefit mentioned. Folks, why on earth would the mets need to prioritize salary dumping at this particular moment in mets history? You would be on firmer ground if you wrote that it "frees up locker space" so the mets could add a player to their locker-room.

2) This trade just must, must be part of a vast and brilliant plan, or"there is a plan" and "i trust omar", or "the other shoe will drop". Sure, Omar might well turn and spin Nady to the Cards for Puhols and McEwing, but then again, this trade might well get the annual "Brad Penny Award." No one has pointed to anything in Omar's history that suggests we should just give him the beneifit of the doubt as a trader. I tend to suspect that he is seen as an easy mark, maybe even an amiable buffoon by the other GMs, but thats just me. I hope I'm wrong. Give Omar the credit for convincing Pedro and Beltromar to come to the mets, but how hard is it really to buy something if you have the money?Walk into yer local Walmart and offer the cashier $3 for a $2 item--were you able to buy that product? I bet he sells it to you.

3) Omar got even value for Cammy. Look into your heart. No. No he didnt. However great Nady turns out to be, give me a break with this. In fact, I wonder if pulling the trigger so fast on Cammy was such a good idea. Imagine if Cammy fails the eye test so early in the off season--who's gonna take him then? Maybe Omar should have waited till Cammy was at least done reporting his continuing headaches to the media! With two of the free-est spending clubs (Sox and Yanks) in need of centerfielders this offseason, one has to think that cashing in this chip for a marginal player so early is not great market strategy. You could say that Omar had to take a deal, any deal, now, in case Cammy is unable to fully recover, but the fact that there is still a required eye test makes that a non-issue. You could also point to the Cammy's most recent rumored trade request as reducing Omar's leverage, and its true, but doesn't make the timing of this trade any less troublesome. You have to guess that, lacking nerves of steel, and having already (hopefully) got a signal of some sort that the Red Sox would not want Cammy in any possible later Manny business, Omar both felt pressured by his trade request, and likes Nady as a player for personal reasons.

Finally: Is it a bit mean to trade a man to a club where he will have to relive his worst professional moment every time his team has a home game?


  • At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Andrew said…

    Cammy likes the west coast, I think, and the Padres had been after him since he was a free agent two years ago.

    But, like you, I don't think that the Mets got sufficient value for Cameron. For some reason, it seems no one but you and I noticed Towers' comment about the trade; it sounds to me like playing the waiting game and making like there are other suitors would have drawn out a little more value from San Diego... perhaps a Mark Loretta to go along with Nady? Maybe Adam Eaton? Maybe a prospect?

    I refuse to believe that Nady is full value for Cameron. And I'm extremely annoyed by folk who insist on talking about how "three years ago, he was their Milledge". Well, okay, so he's their can't-miss prospect who missed? 'Cause that excites the SHIT out of me.


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