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Thursday, November 10, 2005

they took my floobie chatterbox away...

Well, it's almost time for something to happen in the HOT STOVE! season. And as every Metsfan knows, its time to wait for the money to flow and the other cleat to drop. Is Omar M. a genius or an idiot? Is he one splashy deal away from a meltdown, or a playoff berth? How many silly stories about Rapheal Furcal and the Japanese catcher will we have to endure? Who will TranAlomarNitzK (TANK) this season--i.e., come to Shea, take the money, and fail spectacularly? Who will be my Baerga? Questions burn like a mysterious rash after a picnic.

But while the stories and commentary swirl ("Manny to hire Delgado's agent and star in 'the Producers'!"), I find myself strangely uninspired.

We can be sure the Mets are getting tooled by at least one of the free agents, whose agents cross their fingers behind their backs and aver that Shea is A-Ok for their clients. All three of the main available catchers have significant drawbacks (old/expensive; overrated/expensive; speaks only Japanese). Playing the closer game will be either expensive, and risky or a big dissappointment. Some deflating rumors have Omar trying to get the Mets a) older, b) more prone to DWI's or, c)Sorrianoer. And, after the latest round of Lastings hype, the big swap i was so excited about for Manny during the season now seems a bit, well, ill-advised. And the doofus is saying he doesn't want to wear blue and orange skrunqies in his dreads. And will the damn starting pitching get upgraded?

NY beat writers are outdoing each other with speculative nonsense, M. Cerrone has expanded Metsblog, Metstradamus is publishing retrospectives, Metsgeek insightful analysis, and i got...


I got no inspiration, and thus, no content to peddle. I was shut out of the awards this season. I have lost total control over the site's layout/template. And...they repo'd my floobie chatterbox, the crown jewell of this site!

what to do, dear reader(s)?


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