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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Calling the Steve Phillips Hate Line

I hate to post such a blunt and simple-minded question, but WHY won't this guy shut the hell up?

Other than being DIRECTLY responsible for the Br*ves continued dominance of the NL East through the mismangement of their main late 90s early 2000s rival, and INDIRECTLY responsible for the Angels WS title, I can not figure out why this bumbling, cheating fool gets opportunity after opportunity to present his "opinion" on baseball. Among many sh*tty contributions of ESPN to the general state of the world (besides televising little league WS, strongest man competition, and a bunch of doofus anchors in really ugly suits), their revival of Phillips is the most grevious offence. The only thing amazing about the below quote is that the br*ves have continued to do it WITHOUT having Phillips "help."

"What the Braves have done has been remarkable," said Steve Phillips, former general manager of the Mets and now an ESPN analyst. "They spent a lot of money, then they decided to cut payroll but continued to find ways to make it work. Considering all the young talent they have now, they might be in position to reduce payroll even a little more next season and still win."
(The Braves plan to start next season with the same payroll they started this season: $80 million.)"

This is in crowing review of the great strategy of the br*ves in the local klan newsletter, the atlanta journal constitution.
As Morris Day used to say, Don't it make you mad?


  • At 7:29 AM, Blogger Wild Duck of CT said…

    The only thing more despicable on ESPN 1050 radio than Steve Phillps is Yankee shill, Michel Kaye. I'd rather listen to a ham sandwich than either of them.


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