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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ask Mrs. Benson!

Q: Mrs. Benson, what hand do you like better: AK off suit, or a pair of 6's? And what is the best curse word to get your point across at the poker table?
-submitted by Phil Ivey

A: Hmmm, card games, I'm afraid I can't be of much help there. I'm sure, Mr. Ivey, you can fend for yourself. Maybe you thought this was the Ricky Henderson or Bobby Bonnila column?

As for curse words, Kris and I don't use them. Unless you include the ones when Kris and I play "Pirates" or when I say "**** me ******, you little *****." Sometimes Kris likes to text message me from the dugout when he gets a hit, and he'll call me his sweet ****** ***. But at the game table, I try to refrain from such vulgarities. However when I was an exotic dancer, I often had to fend off unwanted advances. In those situations, I find that " **** my ****, you ****** *******" works pretty well for me. Good luck, Phil.
best wishes,


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