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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i can't help it, i'm in love

I had put my computer away and was about to go to bed, but Mike Jacobs scoop in the ninth inning on Wright's throw forces me to log on and say this:

Mike Jacobs is god.
Sidelined at times by a cyst and poor roster management, he is back, and he is angry.
He says cool things, like bout how the footwork at firstbase isn't rocket science. He scoops every low throw. He is humongous. He is left handed for cripesake.

He is cosmic payback, and he is atoning for the evils done to the Mets franchise. Of course, the brass could've brought him up sooner. But he is rising up (or down) the scale with a bullet. By my estimation, Jacobs is now atoning for past evil at rank of 3-4. If this keeps up, i will be forced to forgive Mets management even more on the scale of Burnitz being the smallest evil to be paid back for, and Scott Kazmir being the gravest error needing atonement.

1)signing Burnitz
2) bringing back Cedeno
3)Karim Garcia
4) Appier for Vaughn <---------------we're about here
5) resigning Ordonez to 4 yrs
6)letting Olerud leave
7)blowing off Arod
8)not getting Vlad
9)Roberto Alomar
10) Scott Kazmir


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