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Monday, August 22, 2005

what's up with KAZMAT?

Kaz drinks to remember... or to forget?

As a service to all metsfans, I revisited, KM's official website, to see how his, uh, change in status might have affected his site. What is he up to when he's not grounding out as a pinch hitter? What does he do during games I wondered? How has life changed for him?
After a overly-peppy and dramatic intro, the main page often features a picture of a worried Kaz looking over his shoulder. I imagine the schedule section details where he'll be sitting on the bench--sometimes near the watercooler, sometimes by the coaches.

Well even though he is loathed by NY fans, and Willie only sticks him in games where he can only fail and add to his tortured legacy, Kaz seems to be getting along just fine.

I'm your number one fan, Kaz. Oh if I only understood Japanese.

Kaz in the clubhouse during the game...dreaming of developing a backhand? "I borrowed Menky's sleeping bag, hope he doesn't mind."

"Relaxing in the clubhouse whirlpool with some, uh, friends..."

"The Mets no longer let me take BP with the team, but its cool cause i can practice my doorhinge swing here in my living room"


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