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Friday, August 19, 2005

Famous People Who Love the Mets

Omigod! Teen celebs love the Mets too!----------------------------->**

Since celebrities are the only thing that really matters in American life when you think about it (and I could think of no philosophers or statesmen known for loving the Flushings), this post will be devoted to the stars whose shine is enhanced by their support of the second greatest team in NY, and the second or third greatest team in the NL East....the NY Metropolitians!

Top 10 Metslovin' Celebrities*:

10) Tim Robbins narrowly beats out Bill O'Reilly; both are embarrassments, but Robbins played a hilarious cop in the movie "Short Cuts"
8-9) couldn't think of any
7) Julia Stiles: see picture (thanks to Fastball)
6)Pearl Bailey: man, she was great in "St. Louis Woman"!
5) Matthew Broderick: looses points for irritating wife, but makes the grade
4) Ray Romano: show is kind of annoying, but grows on you, promotes idea that sportswriters should support the Mets
3) Kevin James: integrates Metsfan into character on show, Doug Heffernan
2) Jon Stewart: hard to come up with anything witty or ironic to say about him
1) Jerry Seinfeld: Integrates actual Mets into story line of show, winner and still champion

why are the top celebrity metsfans all comedians? Hmmmm...



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