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Monday, August 29, 2005

OFF-DAY RANT: Situation...Stoopid

Leave it to mets (mis)management to help me get over my tizzy over the newmets dumping a series to the freakin' small "g" giants and tacking on two more saves to the career of a man whose name i can no longer distracting me with all-encompasing rage!!!!!

Notice the italicized part of this excerpt from today's New York Times:

"...The Mets already had five healthy starters, so Trachsel's return created a logjam in the rotation. Randolph reiterated his reluctance to use a six-man staff down the stretch, and Trachsel, not Victor Zambrano, who will start Friday in Florida, is the odd man out. Kris Benson and Jae Seo will follow Zambrano.
"He threw the ball well last time out and won the ballgame," Randolph said of Zambrano.
"He's been doing this all year, pitching relatively well for the most part. I challenged him to step up and do a job for me. He did, and he gets the ball."
Trachsel will be available for the three-game series against Philadelphia that begins Tuesday, but Randolph said that he was hesitant to insert Trachsel, who has pitched one and two-thirds innings of relief since reaching the majors in 1993, in any situation other than an "extreme emergency."
Last Monday, when Trachsel was activated from his rehabilitation assignment, Randolph told reporters that Trachsel was headed to the bullpen and would pitch sparingly. Then Trachsel was told Tuesday that he would start Friday, when he no-hit the Giants for five and two-thirds innings.
"I guess I should have pitched a no-hitter," Trachsel said, chuckling.

WHAT in the name of all that is Mookie is Willie doing now?????

Now, I am no card carrying member of the Trachsel fan club, but c'mon let the guy pitch again, especially after his last turn where even I have to admit, he was amazing. Now is the time to see what a taned, rested and ready Trashsel could do for this team. Mr. Benson could be hurt and the ONLY, ONLY, ONLY thing you know you're gonna get from Zambrano is inconsistency. But noOOoooo....Willie and the Mets will dance with what didn't bring 'em.

Or maybe this another example the Willy Randolph motivation strategy--tell a player he ain't playin' (or not starting, or not staying with the major league club) and then BANG! He is!

And the last bit of the article drives the nail into my crazy coffin:

"If the rotation holds, Martínez and Glavine will pitch the first two games of the series at Atlanta that begins Sept. 5, and Zambrano would start the finale."

I can't balance my checkbook and I know better than to start Thomas "teeth" Glavine against Atlanta. Willie may yet manage this team right out of the playoffs, even while the press sings arias of praise to this ex-Yankee who couldn't even get Torre's sandwich order right.

p.s. Willie: what, does Mike Jacobs need to "rest"? He's been resting his entire career, you bonehead!!

---------end rant----------------------------------------------------------------------------


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