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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rank the Catastrophes: MISMANAGEMENT METER and COSMIC PAYBACK scale revisited

Ok, Ok, I know the current Wild card euphoria is not the best time to review the METSMUDDLE. of the past decade or so, but in the interests of optiMETism, I ask for you help.
It's time to tweak the Mets Cosmic Payback scale introduced Aug 24. I want to be able to assess how far the Mets need to go for their fans to undo the damage caused by the Steve Phillips Era.

Does the sometimes blinding sucess of the organization's young players ease the heartache of previous blunders?

So, I ultimately want to know to what extent, for example, the blossoming of a David Wright or a Jose Reyes would "restore" your trust in Sterling Enterprises. Ask yourself, because of their success, which moves would you be willing to forgive?

I'm a pessiMet, but I still keep hope alive!!

The first step, however, is to get an accurate scale. That's where the Mets Mismanagement Meter comes in. So please vote for one or two of the worst METSMOVES, and I'll present the results later. The choice menu is probably not definitive, but it's comprehensive enough to give me the dry heaves! Of course, additions to the MMM are welcome.

What is the most grievous error the Mets management has made in the past decade?
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