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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Guest Column: Ah, October

October is a wonderful month. The weather starts cooling in the aftermath of September (the summer wannabe), football season and hockey season are starting, basketball season is getting there, your children are back in school having their heads filled with lies, the same children are spending entirely too much of your money on this year's hot new trendy Halloween costume, and you're still stuck at your miserable desk in your miserable office with your miserable 9-to-5 job.

And that's where being a New York Mets fan comes in.

As Mets fans, it has been our duty ever since the advent of the new millenium to attend Mets games through about the first three games of October, at which point the Mets go home and so do we. As they sit on their couches and we sit on ours, we all get to enjoy watching the two best things that October has to offer.

Those two things are:
1. Watching the Braves choke in the postseason.
2. Watching the Yankees choke in the postseason.

I seriously do not think that this postseason could have possibly beenmore fun even if the 2005 Mets were in it. I mean, it's not like they were such a good team anyway, so we were only in for disappointment on that front. But watching A-Rod hit .133 with 0 RBIs and go up to the plate looking for walks instead of hits? Watching the Braves blow a5-0 lead to fall in 4 to the Astros with Larry Jones hitting .176 in the series? That's better than sex.

If there is one thing that's become more consistent than the Mets collapsing in September, that thing is the Braves and Yankees collapsing in October. To paraprase Triple Play '99, the demo of which I acquired from a Wheaties Box, "The boys of spring become the men of summer, who in turn become the little pansy girls of fall."

One last thing: doesn't anyone else here look forward to watching the New York Mets of Queens next year on the heels of the success of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? The two teams are modeled in very much the same way, and that's gotta give you some hope for the future. Maybe next year I can even root for my favorite football team, the NewYork-Philadelphia Jets of Rutherford. I'm hoping that they'll tradefor Vladimir Guerrero in the offseason.


Mr Met dresses up for Halloween too, kids:

So did Booby V, in June:


  • At 2:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yeah, after the yankees and braves are eliminated, we jsut need to root against whatever team that mercenary rodger clemens plays for. gowhite sox!


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