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Friday, November 25, 2005

Notes on the Delgado Affair...

I could get on Omar for not getting the Marlins to throw in Billy the Marlin's pants (not to be confused with Billy Martin's pants). And not even asking about the availablity of Miguel Cabrera or Dontrelle Willis.
But I won't.

This was a suprising deal. And as much as I was intrigued by Mike Jacobs and Yusmeiro Petit, and troubled by the rumors that Omar was willing to give up Milledge in this deal but the Fish turned him down, I think it's a good gamble to take. That the Marlins dealt within the division is a testament to the fact that they just don't give a damn. But even if this annual winter cleaning results in another competitive team in a couple of years, what player is going to want to go there, if stability matters to them?

Delgado should be a perfect fit for the Mets, but then so was Alomar. I gotta love this trade, but keep hearing whispers "Hand and wrist problems," "insane agent," he's "a man first" then a Spanish-speaker.

One other detail is bothering me. Isn't it odd the extent to which Tony Bernazard is riding shotgun on this deal? Why in the hell would the Mets have him make the first call to Delgado?

I mean, what did that conversation go like? (translated from street Spanish?)
"Hey como estas, Carlos, its your buddy Tony. Translate this, bitch, your ass is ours now--you're playing at Shea for the next two years, man. The toilets barely work here, hombre."

Come to think of it, why is Bernazard making public statements for the team even if it's on a Puerto Rican radio station?

"We have to go little by little," Bernazard said. "We're still scrambling with the matter of the Delgado trade. Our objective is to win next season. First we have to win some series and after that win in the playoffs. This is the moment of New York."

What is it with the Mets front office "special assistants" and "scouts"--are they all mixing alcohol with low-carbohydrate diets? You think they could stop pissing people off?

In any event, got to keep a level head, not get too caught up in the hoopla. Because you know John Schuerholz is about to trade for Albert f*&?!*& Pujols.


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