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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ex-Mets Hogpile on Mets Brass: Putz Denies Designing T-Shirt
"Wait boss, I thought you said we were torching the place for the insurance money."

You can now count the ex-Mets who have still yet to issue criticisms of the current regime through the media on one hand. And there is even a t-shirt you can wear while you do that counting. The only question left is why they waited so long--thanks guys, it's already spring. Hopefully we can get Gary Sheffield's point of view on this stuff soon, because the suspense is killing me.
"It wasn't me" says Putz.
Putz's original design.

To recap...
This week:
J.J. Putz (pʊts) claims the Mets made him lie and also didn't bother with a proper medical exam. The Mets were "a mess."*
Daryl Strawberry notes the Mets' winter activity reminds him of his television career --a few pieces short of a full puzzle. Apparently the Mets are not entirely committed to their new Hall of Fame inductees.
Uncle Cliff Floyd avers the contemporary Metropolitans have no chemistry since he left.

Coming next week:
Todd Pratt says he thinks Mets are just a bunch of poo poo heads.
Timo Perez charges that Jeff Wilpon touched him in the down there place at the 2001 Christmas party.
Jackie Robinson criticizes his rotunda at Citi...from beyond the grave!
Kevin McReynolds thinks they should have signed Holliday and also, get off his lawn.
Straw: "I could build a better team on crack."

You can never bet against Omar, so long as the Wontpons are running things, but this is getting out of hand. However, there is good news. Unless I'm reading this wrong, management is at least taking the right first step, and offering Six Packs to people willing to buy tickets to see the 2010 Mets.

*as many wags will note, the Heilman for Putz trade was still worth it!

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