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Friday, May 14, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Fred Wilpon Wants to Buy the Islanders

ITEM: Jeff Wilpon has been caught playing with his (friend Charles) Wang.  And reports say the Mets have an interest in installing the ice hockey concern from Long Island in a new arena/"sports entertainment complex" next to Citi Field, and possibly buying the team.
10. Jeffy always loved fish-sticks
9. Tragic misunderstanding of how TARP funds can be used (already in negotiations to secure Goldman Sachs arena naming rights)
8. Dave Howard's master stroke for dealing with the Citi Field garbage problem: ICE GIRLS!
7. Dunderheaded management is a growth industry and the Mets feel well positioned for the future
6. Mistook them for the Los Angeles Dodgers
5. Can't miss the opportunity to transfer Citi's unused seats to a new venue
4. Gotham Girls roller derby turned the Wilpons down already--Girls are looking for a more reputable partner
3. Chance to extend Rick DiPietro's contract
2. Zamboni more fun to watch than Mets starting pitching rotation
1. Fred looking forward to outfitting new arena in Rangers colors, and finally building the Mark Messier Rotunda

ice girls!

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