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Monday, May 03, 2010

Metastrophe! Everyone Messes with the Johan
 The Philmes knock the Mets out again. Unfortunately no one called it off after the 4th.

Seasoned Metz fans had to feel this one coming...

Mets in first place, fans feeling good about themselves for once. Check.
Hated division rival. Check
Supposedly lopsided pitching match-up in Metz favor. Check.
Nationally televised game. Check
Chucklehead announcers. Check.

So, although it hurt like the bejesus, we can't say we didn't see this Metz style massacre coming.  Mets fans were getting too hopeful, too happy.  Even watching Mike "Bats in my" Pelfrey run into some bad luck in the game previous didn't really dampen our enthusiasm--hell, we could take a series and remain in first place just a bit longer if we won this game.  And that's when the Mets like to stick it to us.  Spotted three runs from the Jamie Moyer batting practice in the top of the first, staff ace Johan Santana started giving up the long ball and didn't stop bumbling his way through the game until he had walked a run in, unable to face down a pitcher who is literally as old as the Mets franchise.  Then came the grand slamming.  Amidst the Victorino sponsored devastation,  it is cold comfort that Jamie Moyer still hasn't taken Mets pitching yard (whaddabum), though he did add a rbi and a basehit to his ancient resume. If you asked me who I'd rather send to the plate in a pinch, Jamie Moyer or Gary "Dishonorable Discharge" Matthews Jr., I would astound you with the speed of my reply.

I haven't read the job description in a while, but a team's ace "stopper" is supposed to come in and keep the team in first, boost their morale, and ease their minds.  That is not what Santana did last night. Johan is hurt. Johan is still recovering. Johan is in sharp decline. I dunno what the truth is, but after this performance all of those hypotheses could be examined. What I do know is that if we haven't already, we've now certainly seen the first major disaster of the 2010 season. Despite the recent success, this Mets team is still not a very good one, and they are in the Philme's league only in name.



  • At 5:05 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    That was a sad sack of shit of a ballgame last night in true Mets tradition, as you espoused. Let's hope it was a blip on Johan's radar or we might have to start adding various undesireable nicknames to his, such as Armando. It had that vibe of a Castillo dropped popup, Benitez blown save, you name it. The only thing that can bring a distraught Amazins fan out of this would be for the Mets to take off winning where they left off ASAP and hopefully knock the Philmes around from here on in, to get that bugaboo out of our systems.

  • At 9:59 AM, Anonymous =( Met fan =( said…

    And how about sitting Pagan and Ike Davis for the most important game of the season so far? Granted, it had nothing to with the outcome, but still...You obviously don't expect more production from Ta-terrible and Dishonorable Discharge. Today is also not an off day, so these guys aren't getting 2 in a row off to relax. So what's the deal? Just general stupidity, I assume. On the bright side, Jon Niese looked real nasty, and the real Brad Lidge has again revealed himself.


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