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Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Excited About a Met: Mets Scout Beirut Teams for Possible Midseason Trade Partner
A couple more weeks of futility, and Mets fans are going to toss Bay overboard without the floaty thing.

The Mets sole move this winter was to throw mondo Wilpon dollars at RBI man Jason "Kay." That's his nickname so far. It's better than Jason "Flush Your Toilets into the" Bay.  He hasn't done anything particularly boneheaded yet, but he hasn't hit much of anything. He is a serious flailer. His O fer 7 with 4 Ks and 5 LOB during the 20 inning St. Louis game has punctuated Bay's early season futility.

He is also, they say, notoriously streaky. And on a team this shitty, I can wait for him to come around. It really doesn't matter.  But credible or not, Peter Gammons' story about Beirut has managed to stain Bay's entry into imagination of the major leagues' most frenzied and disrespected fanbase: it isn't hard to believe that Bay is in it for the money, as they all are. So even knowing the story was probably bs, it's hard to get too enthused about him; the Red Sox kinda wanted him back, and they're pretty good, I suppose.

"I pledge allegiance, eh, to whichever team deposits the most loonies in my bank account."

Bay does seem like a swell guy, and fits right in with Francoeur's ReplaceMets. All of whom we can expect to get regularly dominated by a wide range of pitchers such as Adam Wainwright or Felipe Lopez.

They say Eskimos have many words for snow. By mid-season, Mets fans will have just as many words for suck. This team blows.

By the way, just a programming note: Blogger software, of which I seem to be using the latest version, really still sucks.  Somehow the software is still balky and inscrutable, and mysteriously formats pictures in the shittiest way possible.  You can no longer resize photos to your own specifications. Hard to believe that they can't get this right.  In other words, it's not all my fault.



  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Looking at this post, I guess I'm just grumpy.

  • At 3:33 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Just to clarify, Lopez never faced Bay - Mather hit him with a pitch, so we can cut him some slack:) When did I pick in the "what day will Bay have surgery" pool again? I wish Bay well and hey, I can see all the love coming out of the woodwork for you on here, man - well deserved! And actually, the Met front office is so mixed up, they thought they were signing Lyle Overbay.

  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    thanks for the clarification. I'm not "over"Bay yet, but he's underwhelming so far.


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