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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mets Victory Somehow in the Cards
"For fun, I let my dog make all the management decisions tonight!"

I would love to recap this game, this 20 inning classic. But thanks to the MLB and Fux, I could only follow along on Gameday and watch the ESPN highlights.  The 18th inning, wherein our heroes could not muster offense against position player Felipe Lopez on the mound, was one of the most pathetic things we may ever see from the Mets franchise. I think it's time for me to dust off the term I coined for this: the Mets "awfulfence" is back; it's offensive yes, but it ain't offense.  Perhaps the Mets owe Tony LaRasshat for their victory, since Tony seemingly bent on willingly disabling his club. LaRasshat will have an easier time explaining how he ends up asleep at Florida stoplights than explaining some of the moves he made in this game.

Thanks to MLB and Fux, for blacking out baseball's most loyal out of town fans!! is another joke: just try to explain to me why it is nearly impossible to find a given highlight video by linking to their game recaps--first you have to page through pages of distinct highlight plays and only if you're very lucky will you come across the actual game highlight reel, you know, the one a fan actually wants to see so they can catch up on the game.  Do they really think the aggravation that comes with their piecemeal highlight bullshit is going to drive customers to their on-line product? It's so counter intuitive and stupid, it must be the MLB.

What to do today while I staved off the frustration of anther year of Fux's Saturday Baseball screwjob where I buy the $180 out of town "Extra Innings" baseball package from MLB only to find that they already sold half of the weekend games to Fux, whether or not they decide to broadcast it? To be clear, during the weekend, when the fan can actually sit back and enjoy baseball, the MLB and Fux blackout just about all the games.  Out here in California, I can watch the Dodgers-Giants (which I could have done anyway and listened to Vin Scully instead of some idiot like Joe Buck), or I can go screw.  Even in this day and age of long tail, niche entertainment, what the customer wants (and pays for) doesn't matter, and there's nothing we can do about it, despite our blogs, call-in shows, purchasing power and supposed influence.  Other than stew in my ill-will and wait for the chance at cosmic payback, today I watched hockey; at least they want my attention. And I did a bit of reflection.

It's so hard to draw distinctions between this year's effort and the past couple of suckfest seasons. To the untrained eye, the product looks about the same as usual, at least in the games I've seen this year.  So far, I would say where as last year's squad's modus opperandi was to snatch horrible, emotionally and physically scaring, multi-level defeat from the jaws of occasional victory, this year's squad seems content to grab routine defeat from the slobbering mouth of certain defeat.  These Mets are pretty boring and we fans are anesthetized to the pain, but at least a Collapsathon TM seems to be out of the question this season.

So where are we and how did we get here? After the 2006 campaign, Mets fans were giddy.  Seen metaphorically, Omar's team was a great hitter who just needed to take the bat off his shoulder to have a really good chance at defeating the next soul-patched enemy in 2007.  The club was well-financed, had a small stable of quality players, under rather fresh new management, and seemed post-season bound or at least competitive.

                                                    This product hits way too close to home for the Wilpons.

Fast forward to 2010.  The team already looks like toast.  Organizationally, the Mets are a complete joke, like the Chicago Cubs, only not funny or lovable.  It started again this winter when Omar couldn't manage to upgrade the pitching rotation, to at least give us some fresh hurlers to loose faith in and eventually dread seeing.  They play (or will soon play) in a half empty, price-gouging, tax-payer supported stadium that's poor sight lines are the only way it doesn't pay tribute to the Dodgers.

Bobby V. brings a lot of baggage wherever he goes: "let's not get crazy here

What it means to blog about the Mets at this point is to provide chronicles of the futile and catalogs of missteps so unbelievable, you have to rub your eyes. This year, being a Mets blogger means guessing when the Wilpon's will cut bait on their GM or manager (or when they'll get contract extensions!), and weighing in on whether the front office clowns will try to right the ship by signing up for another go-round with unpredictable, non-company man Bobby Valentine. The fact that I knew in my heart that the Metsies were ultimately lose this marathon game (even though they won a Pyrrhic victory) just shows the expectations that Omar and his chuckleheaded bunch of clowns have fostered in their fans. I expect the worst.

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  • At 4:55 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    In one of those articles, they mention how the Front Office will be looking for a "Yes" man for the next manager. While Melvin does fit that bill, they could always go with Michael Kay:) Seriously though, even though he's 67, I'm not positive, at this point, that they shouldn't even consider bringing back Davey Johnson.

  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    a yes man to who is the question--who is this guy going to be saying yes to? The team also needs to hire a real savvy GM, but i have no confidence in that. They will hire whoever lights up the room. We're doomed.

  • At 11:58 PM, Blogger KristenH said…

    Hey at this point I am glad you are still blogging about the team at all. You still write a very funny blog and I enjoy reading it. It really is very sad what has happened to this team since 2006 or I guess since about the middle of the 2007 season. I too have been conditioned to expect the worst with this team but you know what bothers me more than the losing is ownership right now. I thought for sure that after what happened last season maybe just maybe the Wilpons would keep their promise that they made on public radio last fall of doing what it would take to put a championship team on the field. I should have known that would not come to fruition. But now 2010 for me is even more painful thus far than 2009 and there is no guarantee that the Wilpons are going to do anything to fix it heading into 2011. How do you think they will react if the team loses over 100 games and the Yankees and Phillies meet up again in the World Series? Will they finally go on a spending spree come November like immediately or will they let their team and organization continue to be a joke? This is what I wonder everyday. Sorry for the long post but I really am extremely frustrated about the current situation with the Mets. I love baseball but what is happening with the Mets and of course the Yankees and Phillies is just killing me. I long for the winter to come and basketball season and basketball and the weather stinks here in the Northeast during the winter months.

  • At 8:45 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Thanks for your comment. If it helps any you're not alone in those feelings. It has been about half a decade since we fans started a season with little to no hope of contention. So it hurts now to watch these guys flail and fail already while the rest of the division seems to just get better. There's always next year!

  • At 9:45 AM, Anonymous =( Met fan =( said…

    Maybe Ike Davis will fix everything. Your blog is hilarious, btw. Thanks for all the effort.

  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…



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