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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Defeated! The ReplaceMets Pitching Performs as Expected and Then All Sorts of Crazy Stuff Happens

Here is my stream of conscious reaction to tonight's game, along with my lame attempts to edit, then re-edit, as I searched for a storyline, a storyline that was staring me right in the face.  The real take-away from this game?  This year's Mets are going to make us pay, with our time and emotion, for being fans. Also, this: if the Mets cannot win when their main competition in the NL East actively tries to give them victory, they will not win very often.

I can't explain this photo like I can't explain why I watch this team.

It's probably way to early to write off John Maine's 2010 season.  It's also pretty easy, so I'm going to go ahead and say that tonight's pasting probably represents what we're going to see from Maine and his sinking career. If you're an aficionado of the Mets, 2009 vintage, you probably loved this alternatively boring than horrific torture of a contest.

I luvz the Metz!!!
I hate this team!!

Random game notes in chronological order (the only kind I can provide with my disappointment-addled brain):

*I know that guy. That's obviously John Maine on the mound. On pace for 150 pitches through 6.
*Corrrra runs ugly.  His gait is incorrigible.
 *Judging from the crowd noise, either someone finally threw cowbell guy off the Shea bridge, or Cantu's HR ball was thrown back onto the field.  If so, is that really a tradition we want for Citi?
 *Kevin Burkhart gets the scoop on the Mets new "prevention and recovery" program; you always can tell a particularly ridiculous and desperate a move is when they name it.  Apparently this is replacing the club's old approach to wellness, the "ignore and exacerbate" program.
*The boys in the SNY booth also discussed Gary "Private" Matthews Jr. --his attitude and pedigree but not his obvious use of steroids--though it was hard to hear from all the noise Private was making with his super-swishing-strike out bat.
*It's JJenrry Mejia's first appearance, and all we really learned that Rod Barajas knows how to block the plate. Finally a catcher who can do that. He is going to get a lot of practice this season.
*No crappy forgettable Mets effort would be complete without an appearance by Sean "It ain't easy watching" Green.
*"Runners at the corners with Alex Cora coming up"; the phrase that strikes fear into the heart ...of Mets fans.
*No! Don't Show us Your Tatis!!
*I stand corrected, this game is anything but forgettable. No.  Tonight's potential goat, Fernando "It is better to look good than to be good" Tatis couldn't make it home on a wild pitch. I guess he made the wrong decision, and that's a part of Mets baseball, but don't worry, he'll get plenty more chances.  Only the Mets could work themselves out of a bases loaded, David Wright up with 2 outs situation with such ease. Only the Metz.
*Add the phantom-Balk to the legend of the Mets-Fish.*Only the Metz "dominant" "closer" could come in with a day's rest and make the 9th so interesting. Also making things interesting was an NHL style "pay back" bad call (against the Mets) at first that kept the inning going.
*Ohh nooooOooo--Hizzonor!
*And, Oh the investment I made in this game. Four hours of diligent work in the real world that could have been done. But no, I watched this because I thought they could win.  They can't just lose in regulation like last year's craptastic team, can they?



  • At 4:15 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    So, are you saying that one of our newest Mets real name should be Privates Shrunk Matthews?

  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    cver, he'd have to earn such a fine nickname and I don't see it.


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