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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get Excited About a Met: Hizzoner

Get yourself pumped for the 2010 Mets! I am!
Today's inspiration:

Until today, Mets pitcher Hisanori "Hizzoner" Takahashi had not allowed a run in eight innings of work, striking out 10 and walking nada.

And as I write this, of courses, he is throwing up a 3 inning 4 run performance against the Gnats.
Well, it looks like Hizzoner will be presiding over the bullpen snack backpack
for the time being.

Great things about this Takahashi, besides the styling nickname I came up with (sample usage: "the jury's out on this Mets ballclub, but you can't blame hizzoner today"?)

1. a good deal younger than Ken Takahashi
2. has 6 (six)! pitches.
3. related to point 2, has a man named Rod as an admirer
4. related to point 3, this Rod projects him as a number 3 starter!
5. is Japanese, and Japanese players+Mets=Fun!

He has so many damn pitches at his command, the New York Times had to make a graphic to help us grasp the enormity of this fact.
Rod Barajas, who has more money than talent, well, he still has a few signs to learn. But I got you covered, Rod!
(Clockwise from upper left:)
1. "Take the picture already"
2.  Eephus pitch!
3. "Wait, Jerry is signaling me to bunt--but we're not up!?"
4. "Get me the other Takahashi"
5. "Cut fastball, in the nutsack"
6.  “Ko-ko wa do-ko? Wa-ta-shi wa da-reh?” Na-ni mo wah-kah-nai.”

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  • At 12:14 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    After his last performance, we might want to add another hand signal.

  • At 12:25 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    well the last time I saw Jon Niese the fifth starter, he did a ballet of pain that I'll never forget. So I would expect to see Hizzoner get off the bench at some point this season. Get it? Bench!


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