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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Livan Ain't Easy: Mets Ace No Match for Powerful Natinals
Don't look now: Frenchy is one of the few remaining things to enjoy about this club.

If there are more pathetic moments coming this season than this one, I don't think I want to see them:
David Wright grounding sadly, pathetically, pitiably into a double play to end the Mets "threat" in the bottom of the first after Johan gave up a grand slam--which itself came as a relief since it momentarily stopped the Gnats outright molestation of his pitching. I mean, it was so bad, Pope Benedict XVI thought about trying to cover it up! Ooah!* Even the grand-slam was painfully inefficient, since the Mets had to risk their catcher's life twice during a play that could have just been called a homerun in the first place.  You can't really say anything too bad about the Johan, but he seemed oddly unprepared to do his job today, and I can't help but wonder his presence on the Mets isn't like putting fine rims on a hooptie; this team is salvage at this point.

Livan Hernandez easily bested the Mets line-up. Think about that.

The only thing to be thankful about right now is that there are only five positions in the NL East, because this team looks primed for sixth place to me. And perhaps we could be thankful that Johan isn't injured.  But I'm not entirely sure of that either.

There is no truth to the rumor that Mets relief pitcher Raul Valdes--featured in today's 6th and 7th innings--tried to defect back to Cuba after he realized who he has to play for.

Utter and Complete Mysteries to me at this point:
Only other teams can enjoy hitting balls out of Citi. It just seems that way.
Mike Jacobs is in the lineup at all (thanks Pedro!)
Goofy Jeff Francoeur is the only Met with a pulse (actually contributing to scientific progress by making fan-boys with their calculators have to come up with more complex models to justify their hatred of him).
A line up Mike Jacobs would be just as comfortable in.

During the SNY broadcast, Ron Darling offered a list of his keys to the Mets season; how the team would "click."  Reasonable people can disagree I suppose.

Ron Darling's Keys to the Mets' Season

1. Ollie, Pelfrey, Maine need to make all 90 of their starts
2. Santana has to have a good season.
3. Reyes MVP
4. 8th inning reliever
5. Change in the culture (knocking over the catcher, hustling)

ItsMetsforme's Keys to the Mets Season

1.The Mets need to get three new starters to slot behind Santana to replace these guys
2. He's topping out at 89 mph and coming off an injury. Santana's contract really is a waste on a team like this.
3. Reyes healthy for the season, can leg out triples without leaving on a stretcher
4. Identify a durable mop up man, might need two
5. Change in the management (I'm all for knocking over a catcher or two, but change will be near impossible with this bunch.  Selling no tickets or merchandise might help promote change.)

Really, the Mets need to blow this thing up again and start over. They're not even close to competing.

*I'll be here all night, be sure to try the veal, tip your waitress, second show never the same as the first.

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  • At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Rob A from FBD said…


    Sorry to contact you this way, but I couldn't find any other way.

    My name is Rob Abruzzese. I just started a new Mets blog called Flushing Baseball Daily, could you guys please add my blog to your blogroll? The url is


    Rob Abruzzese

  • At 7:06 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    IMDB, you've done it again! The line about Raul Valdez was your best line of the year so far! Sorry, I got mixed up and tipped the veal and tried my waitress.

  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    sure Rob.

    Cver you've obviously confused me with the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. But I'll take the complements where ever I can. You ready for a looong season, buddy?


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