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Thursday, April 29, 2010

ReplaceMets Sweep Fred Wilpon's Favorite Team

Next up: the class of the NL East

The Manny-less Dodgers went easily this week and Fred Wilpon probably lost a lot of money, both from bets that failed to pan out and from the now customary customer-less seats behind Citi's home plate. Aided by some un-LA like weather patterns and the insertion of Ike Davis to shore up the lineup, the Mets made short work of the currently hapless Dodgies and now somehow sit atop the NL East.  Even junkballer John Maine wasn't completely horrible today.  Of course, the Mets still have Angel (Pagans) in the outfield and Ollies toeing rubbers, so enjoy this early success while you can, as we can expect our boys to be deposited back into 2nd or 3rd place by Sunday.  As is expected, Jerry Manuel leads the way in wishful thinking and foolhardiness, being quoted after Perez's latest shitty shenanigans (getting the hook in the 4th after a four-pitch walk to opposing pitcher Charlie Haeger):
"I'm going to stay with Ollie. I thought the night was a difficult night. It was very cold, windy. I think we need Ollie to get it right. We need Ollie to figure it out."
Sure the Mets have won a few games in a row, but if they want to win me over they'll send Perez packing before he can start giving up the gopherballs.  He has no role in a major league rotation. He is not going to figure it out.

Here come the Phil-mes! Hopefully this weekend, the ReplaceMets hurlers can chuck some great pitches up, project some timely hits, and ultimately throw up some W's on the board.

Tony B has inadvertently offered up the Mets slogan for 2011 when he complained to Faux that
"I was punished for trying to be great."
The New York Mets: Come Watch Greatness Get Punished.  Seems to capture both the car crash curiosity a fan would need these days to buy a ticket to Shitifield, and the appalling squandering (squanderation?) of money and of the careers of the few core players the Mets have signed and developed over these past 10 years.

Let's go Mets!

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  • At 1:44 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Somehow, they've done quite well lately. Let's hope they can beat up on the Philmes. Met fans better be wearing their vomit bags over their heads at Philme Phield though, as their fans are notoriously surly.


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