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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where in the World is Ollie? A Tribute to the Mets Albatros Headcase Pitcher


 Is that him?

is he taking a rest?

is he hanging out with the wrong crowd?
is he pondering some sage words?

The verdict is in.  Oliver Perez never learned the meringue.  If only this exchange from the SNY telecast of the Mets-Giants game (as Oliver Perez finished his 3.1 innings and 7 walk performance) was the final word on Perez's Met career.
Gary: "97 pitches with one out in the fourth. You know how hard that is to do?"
Keith: "You know how hard that is to watch?
Perez is so baffling, the mystical mumblings of ex-Met pitching guru Rick Peterson almost make sense:
“When you look at what his plan was, there was no plan," …"There was no recipe. There was no map. The first question is, 'Where do you want to go? And where did you come from?' Then you lay out a plan and help them understand that. Not only was [Perez] lost, but he was driving in the wrong lane. He thought he was in England. We're driving in the right lane. "It became a simple thing because he got it very quickly. Just like if you're lost and someone gives you directions, all of the sudden you go down a quarter of a mile, make a right and go, 'Jeez, I know exactly where I am.' [Rick Peterson on Oliver Perez’s struggles as a Pirate]
"Do you like to dance?"…"Yes," Perez answered. "Well, right now you are doing the waltz, you need to be doing the meringue," Peterson explained. [Peterson explaining the secret of success to Oliver Perez]

2/2/09: Signed 3 year, $36M contract

2009: $12M

2010: $12M

2011: $12M

Today's game has been a cruel reminder that, although the emergence of enjoyable young players like Ike Davis and Jonathan Niese go a long way towards making this club watchable again, Mets baseball won't fully recover until Perez is exorcised from this club's roster.

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