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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mets Backstops Mota-vated to Walk Off Again
You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your baseball commissioner. 

I would have loved to see this game, if only to check on Johan Santana's health with my own two eyes. But here in California, I was again blacked out thanks to the criminal stylings of the MLB, which sold me the games after they sold Faux network the games.  Sounds kind of illegal right?  Like if you bought a car only to find that some other guy gets to drive it on the weekends.  Faux has secured the "rights" to all baseball before 7pm on Saturdays, for who knows how long.  As we have discussed here many times, no Saturday baseball for many of the MLB's most rabid fans--those who buy the "Extra" Innings cable package--is apparently part of MLB's business plan; while we mortals have a hard time seeing how denying fans the ability to see games that Faux is not even televising in their regions is good for baseball, the geniuses at MLB know better that we do. Why would fans want to see MLB's product on a Saturday, a day when many of us don't have to work?  So, once again, a hearty round of fuck you's to Bud Selig  for continuing to sell me a package of games under false pretenses, and Faux for Joe Buck and generally degrading the sport I love.  This is one of the many (non-Met related) reasons I do not purchase tickets to your corporation's games anymore, Bud. Enjoy the view of all those overpriced, empty seats behind home plates all over the league. May you lose a lot of money and die broke and unhappy in Milwaukee.
A couple of the many Mets Mota moments

On to the game.  Our old friend, the perpetually juiced Guillermo Mota, has finally done right by his former club.  Fernando Nieve and Pedro Feliciano took over the lead blowing duties of Blow Rod for a game.  Luckily their battery mates have been picking up the slack lately, and Henry Blanco was able to get a hold of one of Mota's juiceballs in the 11th inning and deliver the W.  So, no thanks to Jerry Manuel's Jerrible pitching changes or to the hitters 3-7 in the Mets order (one! hit), the replaceMets were able to steal another game from their series with the Giants.  While anything's possible, Sunday's Ollie vs. Lincecom matchup does not promise a slam dunk series sweep for the Mets; more likely, the Mets will Lincecom to a Sunday afternoon pounding.

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