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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Nat Impressed with the Mets
"Don't ask me why your team is so bad, I've got problems of my own!"

The Mets got what they wanted from John Maine: adequacy.  After the Mets loaded the bases in the first inning, Jose Reyes, David Wright and Ike Davis all struck out. That was probably the turning point for the Mets chances of winning right there. So let it not be said that Mets 4-6 hitters only fail in late inning, clutch situations. It's a regular murderer's row jaywalker's row let-their-parking-meters-lapse row that Omar has assembled.

It seems that the Mets ice cold stars are more interested in scoring points with the umpires than staying in the ballgames to help their team. Reyes, never celebrated for his maturity, delivered a pointless hissy fit over an obvious strike and got tossed tonight by Laz(y) Diaz, an ump who I have to say, has the laziest tossing motion I've seen (word play!)! This was a night after Reyes' pal "Swingsy" Wright cursed his way out of the park.  Wright has a bad influence on Jose, who wudda thunk it?
Recalling Chris Carter from the minors probably won't help much.

Why is David Wright suddenly a K machine?  According to MLB, "Wright fanned a career-high 140 times in 144 games last season and is on pace to strike out 190 times in the same number of games this season." He's also on a pace to walk 125 times when his previous high was 94 freebies.  Was it that the beaning knocked something loose in his head? Could it be that he is now too buff to swing the bat? If this keeps up, we may come to discover there is something troubling about the abrupt changes in Wright's game over the past season and the beginning of this season.

The Mets "braintrust" will "reflect" upon Oliver Perez's status with the club.  I guess that's good news.

Wake up, there's a lady in the booth, Keith!!

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  • At 8:28 AM, Anonymous =( Met fan =( said…

    Speaking of 'who wudda thunk it' - 2 runs on 12 hits. Who knew that was possible?

    More flawless execution by Jeff Francoeur on the basepaths in this game. If he even had the slightest idea how to play baseball, the game would have been tied 3-3 and we would have seen yet more extra innings (likely resulting in a Met loss, but still). At one point I was content with the Church-Francoeur trade, thinking we traded the worst player in baseball for the second worst, but now? Meh, not so sure. I guess he does kind of fly under the radar here, what with the likes of Wright, Bay, Reyes, and KFC Jr. out there stinking up the joint every day...

    Favorite post game quote, from Luis Atilano after striking out 5 guys in 5 innings:

    "I don't know how. I'm not a strikeout kind of guy."

  • At 2:43 PM, Anonymous =( Met fan =( said…

    On a side note, I'm using cver's 'KFC Jr.' to refer to GMJ from here on out. 'Dishonorable Discharge' is good, but it's not everyday that you come across a racist play-on-an-acronym...

  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Well, it wasn't racially intended. I think it was more a combo of folks calling him GMJ and the whole military thing with Dishonorable Discharge or whatever else they were calling him (The French Lieutenant's Woman?) that for me evolved into KFC Jr.- he's not too crispy - more fried. But on that note, we'd better hope Omar gets someone to play CF, just in case Pagan gets hurt, because today Will Carroll reported that Beltran is probably through at that position, even if he does come back. I'm a bit excited to see if The Animal will spark the team - hope so!

  • At 3:40 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    yeah i realized it as i was deploying "KFCjr." for the first time--it might come off a bit insensitive. i'm sure we didn't mean anything like that. hopefully the point will be moot soon when he becomes DFAjr. In other insensitive news looks like "Tranny's" return is a pipedream.


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