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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Winning is so Zzzzzzzz!

He's still got it!

Today, I missed my first game of the season. Traveling in Asia, 3000 miles away from the action , I am prone to falling asleep for a little nap, only to wake up seemingly days later, groggy and disoriented. Put it like this: I think one of Arod's mannish dates could take advantage of me in this state.

I did, however catch the Mets punching Armando Benitez' ticket out of San Fransisco the other day. What can you say about a boy like Armando? And today's rubber game from what I heard was neat and clean, and not too exciting. Belty went down with a phantom knee injury. Well, it's never a good thing when the Bunter has lower body injuries, but hell, the Mets will plug someone in out there and continue their merry ways it seems. Nothing to loose sleep ov-ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Effects of Travel and Jet Lag on novelty blogging, part I

So yesterday, or whenever, I'm reading the story of A-rod's latest entry into the diary of dishonor. Jesus, his number really is 13. Perfect material for a snarky semi-coherent top ten list I think.

The setup: Yankees winning, 7-5, two out and two on, top of the ninth. Jorge Posada pops up to third. Howie Clark camps under it. Rodriguez trots by and yells “Ha!” (according to him). Clark thinks it’s the shortstop, John McDonald, calling for the ball. He backs off, the ball drops to the turf, the inning continues, and the Yankees score three more runs.
Time for the assertion that has dogged A-Rod since he came to New York: that he is not a true Yankee.

“I haven’t been in the game that long,” said Gibbons, who was playing in the majors when Rodriguez was eight years old. “Maybe I’m naïve. But, to me, it’s bush league. One thing, to everybody in this business, you always look at the Yankees and they do things right. They play hard, class operation, that’s what the Yanks are known for. That’s not Yankee baseball.”
I asked Alex what his intention was, and he said, “To win a game. We’re desperate.” Later, he said, “I didn’t know what my intention was.” (I also asked Derek Jeter for his opinion on the play, and he wanted no part of the question.)

I read some tabloid crap about how manly the women Slappy McPayRod keeps company with for inspiration and I start kicking some ideas around...

Top Ten Previous Arod Pranks

10. Cutting Jeter’s hair, telling him it looks good
9. Yells “Ha” in a crowded theater
8. Draws mustache, cigar, top hat and wacky tongue on “Yankee’s baseball”
7. Asks for $252 million as contract; Tom Hicks doesn't realize he's kidding
6. Pays child to run across Newberry Street in Yankees gear
5. Kills Nicole Brown Simpson, makes attempts on Jessica Simpson’s lifeZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

If only I had Arod to slap me awake.


  • At 7:53 PM, Blogger Jaap said…

    Good to see you back, mate. I was getting sick of looking at that blue america map. What were you doing in Asia? Scouting pitchers?
    Also, were you traveling to west from LA or east?

  • At 8:11 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    east. got upgraded to business class, but thats about the only thing thats gone right so far. i am doing research, and trying to get up for the 7am games although jetlagged.damn mosquitos and heat.


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