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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"That's another fine mess you HAVEN'T gotten us in to, Ollie!"*

shhh...the Mets have a secret weapon the stole from some pirates!

What can you say about a pitcher like Ollie By Golly (6-3)? It's beginning to seem like the Turner graveyard is blossoming into the Oliver's Garden! At least for Br*ve-Killa O.P. And the Mets made "(I'm) Chuck James (their) Bitch!" Hugs all around. Except to Alyssa Milano, who has not replied to my overtures.

Here is my latest post on her "blog," in case she censors me again, then I can repost it. I posted on Alyssa's post on steroids.

"Alyssa, where's the love for me, itsmetsforme?I think all your readers are dying to hear your answers to my challenge. I mean, I am chafed, but idealism becomes a slave, lol.
Now I gotta tell you guys, a big hug to the first one who can tell me what Giambi admitted or owned up to. Done rereading the story? I'll tell you: absolutely nothing. So please, stop it with the nonsense, he said "stuff" and admitted nothing. Plus, he knows that reports of him failing am amphetimines test are coming out.There are plenty of people that deserve to be valorized, you bozos, this guy ain't one of them. Find a real hero, like a teacher or a social worker or an actress! This totally chafes me."

Beating the Cousin-Kissers in their lair is always a pleasure, but I believe watching Larry Jones flail away helplessly at Joe Smith's offereings was my favorite moment of the game. Let me think...was Andruwu Jones beaned in the head tonight? No? Then that was my favorite moment for sure. When I'm happy, I talk about hugs a lot.

I don't know who Vance Lovelace is, but I'm guessing he is one crazy, troubled bastard.

According to reports the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' rookie Elijah Dukes is having some "domestic" difficulties:

Dukes has a history of problems on and off the field, including an arrest in January on a marijuana possession charge. A tumultuous season at Triple-A Durham in 2006 ended with him being suspended for the final 30 games.

The product of Tampa Hillsborough, the same high school that sent Dwight Gooden, Gary Sheffied, Vance Lovelace and Carl Everett to the majors, reported to spring training eager to leave his troubles behind.

The Drays manager Joe Maddon, who always looks to me like he should be staring in a late 1950's sitcom (I do watch the occasional Rays game, there's this pitcher I follow), well he thought it best that Dukes sit out a bit. Is it time for the folks at Tampa Hillsborough High to look into hiring a guidance counciler?

Today's "Ya gotta Be Sharp" Pop Quiz:

What two pitchers did the Mets trade in 1983 to St. Louis to get Keith Hernandez?

For this new feature, I will astound and/or annoy you with trivia questions to help build all of our Met knowledge bases up, but also to help me get over Alyanno heartbreak. I still need to come up with a catchy title...does anyone know of a word that rhymes with "(be)lieve" and means guess or answer correctly or be, like, really smart or something?

*title concocted by Mr. Cver, from undisclosed location

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  • At 7:40 PM, Anonymous sidd finch said…

    neil allen and rick ownbey?

  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    you are correct Sid. Have an extra economy domestic beer tonight...on me. Congrats!


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