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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Feliciano Was Late to Opening Day

Ah well, I was going to do that list, but that would be tasteless even for me, particularly without knowing what "family issues" Pedro was dealing with in Puerto Rico. One was going to be "Rick Astley killed his brother," if you must know.

Whatever you do this morning, don't read this.

For the love of pete, don't look here.

You just don't wanna go here.

And don't look here to see Shownblow's reactions to crowd reactions to him sucking.

"I'm not upset by it," Schoeneweis said of the crowd's reaction. "I'm used to it. It's just commonplace..."I know what my effort level is. I know what I did before I came here, I know what I do away from here and I know what I do most of the time when I'm here. It would be really hard to find someone to put out as much effort, or try, or work as hard as I do. That's all I can keep doing."

What ever does he do while he's away from "here"?

Bill Buckner prayed a little, then decided to accept the Red Sawx invitation to throw out the first pitch on home-opener day to celebrate the Sawx championship. Along these lines, when oh when will the Mets be able to have Timo Perez throw out the first pitch?

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  • At 4:41 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    When oh when indeed!


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