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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Off-Day Blather: 1.000 Tuesday
Mr Redlegs, shown here holding up a Cincinnati area day camp.

Luckily for the Mets, the Reds weren't armed or dangerous yesterday, and we squeaked through with the feel-good win so today isn't miserable. The Reds looked terrible in the field. For such a nail-biter of a game, I was a little bored. Maybe its the lack of that Aaron-Heilman-Anger-Adrenaline surge. I'll get used to it.

The Mets left 12 stranded yesterday--they just don't have pictures of that many ducks on a pond on The Google, so I had to make do. Sure, accuse me of negativity on a day where almost everything else went Wright, but you didn't have to stay up all night coming up with a new metric--RARISP (Runner After Runner in Scoring Position)--to describe the Mets continuing offensive futility. And while there will be no Razor Shines jokes today, I can't help but wonder if David Wright's eyebrows are starting to impede his baserunning. What other explanation is there?
At this rate, the Reds may need to suit this guy up for their outfield.

Far be it from me to take the pressure off of Wright, especially after his performance on the base paths yesterday, but Gary Sheffield came to the Mets because he owns a house in New York. Also, he didn't want to have to sit on the Philadelphia bench near Brett Myers, that cancer.


Thanks to Cver, I have something to rage about today. I hope when America's complacent baseball fans finally topple the Access of Evil--the Fux Network, the MLB, and the Florida Marlin's broadcast team-- I will at least be offered a spot in the new regime for all my work over the years, here here here here. Fux continues to hoard the baseball games they don't broadcast, and ruin the ones they do (Joe Buck you, or Fuck you). The tragedy is that Empty Base Syndrome is curable. But Bud Selig hears your complaints about the preposterous blackout policy and he farts at you.

While the recession lingers, we need to organize a National Past-time Preservation social movement and present our demands to President Obama (who for some reason, routinely gets involved in these sorts of things). Demands should include:

*That we each receive a rebate for every game we miss because of the MLB's bad deal with Fux. Since we paid to see this game already and all by purchasing or Extra Innings, etc.
*That Steve Phillips, added to ESPNs to make Joe Morgan sound sage, be removed immediately from all baseball related activities.
*Immediate and complete over haul of MLB's outrageous blackout rules.
*Four words: Joe Buck Public Flogging.


What does it say when Met Life chooses to enter a sponsorship deal with the Yankees instead? I wonder if the Mets can lure Yankee Candle in retribution? All I know, hopefully this company won't be getting their money's worth as much as they have in recent years. (H/T CSTB).


Apparently, the Reds just send their mascot out into the community to weird people out, a role that used to be performed by Marge Schott.

Omar's Elders: A Weekly Tracker (a new feature)

How did the Mets' "impact Geezers" do yesterday? Not so bad, not so bad. Let's keep track of how they spent their days.

Carlos Delgado: 2 for 4 with an impressive stretch into foul territory to complete pretty double play.
Luis Castillo: 1 for 3 with double and walk, no crucial game blowing errors. Also, no boobird serenades, at least that could be heard from Ohio.
Gary Sheffield: Soup was cold. Developed some concerns about being lockered near so many Latins, but will hold them until next team meeting. Mets' check seems to have cleared.
Livan Hernandez: Game time put crimp in plan to visit Cincinnati's best early bird special buffet. Spent most of morning looking for eyeglasses, so didn't finish today's "Jumble."
Freddy Garcia: Was just going to have one donut, but well there's always tomorrow. That Marmaduke gets into some trouble doesn't he?
Billy Wagner: at wife's nagging, went to Walmart for new Confederate flag to replace threadbare one flying over the family horseshoe pit. It was "about time" hissed the Missus through her two front teeth.

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  • At 3:24 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    A tad harsh on old Wags there, Mr. Forme. I was equally unimpressed with this group of offensive pretenders. The Reds really stink and should lose three. We have Ollie going Thursday, though, so we can scotch the idea of a sweep. I cannot get over how little Reyes and Wright have improved with all this major league coaching. Reyes still knows nothing about baseball, and Wright is actually an easier out than he was as a rookie. He swings at everything, particularly in the clutch. He has abandoned discipline and become obsessed with the big fly. Only his flies are not big enough a lot of the time. Also, his cliches are becoming very tired. If he is the face of the Mets, it is a very small, plain face. I appreciate the fact that he gets his 28 and 100 every year. I just wish he was getting better. And could hit in the clutch in September and October, instead of March.

  • At 4:54 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    Hey, lay off of my boyfriend, Livan. You'll see, he's going to be OK this year.

  • At 5:07 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    my my aren't we protective of our seniors and senor seniors. No defenders for Freddy Garcia? Or does no one read marmaduke anymore?

    Livan vs Redding steel cage match set for June I think. Livan lost 79 pounds, but Redding just stole a lot of $$ from the mets, so its hard to see who has the advantage.

    Jdon your glass isn't just half empty, its smashed over someones head and used for a barfight. "Wright is actually an easier out than he was as a rookie" has a ring of truth though. Show me another blog where you can get away with calling wright the small, plain face of the mets. I like it. Safe harbor this.

  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    I am reminded of a game three seasons ago, in the spring. The Nationals announcers were talking about what a good two strike hitter D Wright was. Next time he came up to bat, and promptly went 0-2 against the Nationals pitcher, one of the announcers cackled and said, - now David's got him right where he wants him! Hard to imagine someone making that joke now. But, he did put up good numbers last year! If he does that again, in a year with a good bullpen, we'll be fine.

  • At 5:52 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    I appreciate the small, safe nature of this blog, although I suspect you do not, IMFM. Some of these blogs are like subway trains at rush hour. Too many opinions may not be dangerous, but they can sure be tiring.

  • At 11:37 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    that's why we don't traffic in mere opinions here, jdon, just truth blinding, scalding truth.

    You know, Come to think of it, I wish you guys would write this blog. The comments get better and better in direct proportion to the degree my writing gets worse and worse as I churn out chapters to finish my dissertation. See, even that last sentence made no sense. Don't let your babies grow up to be grad students.

    Point is, my readers are damn insightful and articulate. I'm impressed. I was reading one of the major blogs comment sections today for the first time in 2 years and it occurred to me, I may get no love from the bigger, more responsible/mundane blogs, but this is like the New Yorker of the metsblogosphere. Well the main page is more like the "Mad" magazine, nay, "Cracked" of the metsblogosphere. Maybe I'll get tote bags printed up.

    So, thanks guys. I hope that come end of May when I finish this accursed phd, I can begin repaying the great commentators I have attracted over the years. Of course I will do so with more classy elderly, fat, and hillbilly jokes than ever!

  • At 3:24 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    Just let us not spend our time endlessly proposing trades (until the trade deadline, that is) and extolling on the abilities of minor leaguers none of us have ever seen play. There is a lot of that on other blogs.

  • At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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