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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

F**ing Shocker! Oliver Perez Signs Big Contract Comes to Camp Overweight, Unprepared, and Unfocused
Now that he got paid, Ollie forgot to do the...whatever this exercise is called.

ITEM: the Oliver Perez reviews are in (I bolded the important parts for the reader's convenience.) From the NY Times:

The pitching coach Dan Warthen called him “out of shape” on Wednesday after Pérez failed to get through the fourth inning of the Mets’ 10-6 loss to the Detroit Tigers. The assessment was more alarming than the performance.

Warthen said Pérez, who is listed at 205 pounds, had gained weight since arriving in Florida six weeks ago, and he indicated that participating for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic had damaged Pérez’s preparation for the regular season.

Despite their efforts, Warthen said, the Mets were unable to keep track of his regimen during the Classic. Without Warthen around to nudge him or Johan Santana to mentor him, Pérez had trouble repeating his delivery, and he has yet to regain the form he had before he left.

When Manager Jerry Manuel pulled Pérez from the game on Wednesday, with two outs in the fourth, he had walked six, allowed six runs, including a three-run homer to Plácido Polanco, and had thrown a staggering 92 pitches.

My worries have come to fruition,” Warthen said.

Here's the skinny. Ignoring or failing to secure other options the Mets just resigned a guy who: their own pitching coach had reservations about, came to camp out of shape and overweight after an off-season where as a free agent, he drew almost zero interest, and...apparently needs a babysitter. A real pro's pro.

Inning one of today's spring game against the Tigers was pure Oliver Alchemy, the way Perez' inability to focus seems to combine with Mets fielding blunders to create some of the most unwatchable baseball possible. Today: Reyes looses ball in sun, Perez proceeds to attempt to walk the ballpark. I turn off TV set. My revulsion at watching Perez pitch is getting to Traschellistic proportions. How many times do you feel like you've seen that one before?

Resigning this jokster was a big blunder on the Mets part, an incredible failure of imagination and planning and it will cost them. Mark my words.

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  • At 12:32 AM, Blogger Jaap said…

    I think that bastard Warthen has it in for poor Ollie. Ollie looked postively svelte out there. If he wasn't out there pitching for the Mets I'd have thought he was training for the triathlon. If you ask me, it's Warthen who is out of shape. Let's see what rime Warthen can run the NYC marathon in, tough guy. I'll bet Ollie can kick his arse as well. Just because Warthen is a lefty as well doesn't make him an expert on Ollie's conditioning. I think Warthen should hyperventilate into a paper bag and rethink his position on Ollie. Pitching for Team Mexico was a gruelling experience.

  • At 9:24 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    Yes but he is a Latino, and Omar hates to see fellow Latinos out of work. He even gave Freddie Garcia a temp position, even though he was clearly shot. I suppose livan will last about 5 or 10 starts before Niese comes back. That should guarantee his contract for the year. How about fishing around for some actual talent instead of bidding against yourself for a basket case like Ollie?

  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    I don't know which criteria Omar used to find his starting rotation:"fat," "tired" or "still broken." And what was the point of signing Redding for example? Don't they examine these retreads before they mount them on the Metsmobile? Is this a pro team or a rehab clinic? If they let Perez pitch in the WBC next year they're as dumb as I think they are. We have to face it we have Johan and Livan to pitch reliably good and mediocre respectively. And Pelfry perhaps.

  • At 1:54 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Ollie will still win at least 10 games, but that's not worth 12 mil a year and I'm not enjoying this. Let's hope he gets it together. And don't count out John Maine, Mr. IMFM.

  • At 8:22 AM, Anonymous YB said…

    Someone check Ollie's birth certificate. He is one of the worst looking 27 year olds. bodywise, I've seen since, will I was 27. Double chin, pear shape.
    I guess this in Omar's once a year mulligan. Schoenwiess, Castillo, Ollie. The good thing is every time, the yearly salary doubles! 3MM, 6MM, 12MM. So, next year, I would guess someone like Encarnacion for 24MM a year. So if this is Omar's idea of spending all his offseason time addressing the pitching, I think Omar is primed for a spot with the treasury department.
    Obviously, we all pray that somehow this starting rotation makes a miraculous turnaround in 9 days. How likely is that?
    Gonna be in NY for Easter, but am missing a homestand where I can get to Citifield. Will have to make a trip in during the summer to see the new park (this will only happen if they are at least fighting for the top spot in the NL East, if they are out of it early I will have no interest in seeing the new digs.) Can't Mark Cuban somehow do a hostile takeover of this franchise? Who do you think wold be in the rotation if he did? Santana and CC at the top, just maybe? Wonder if Manny would have been in left.
    Well, got drunk at a fundraiser and spent an ungodly about of money (can anyone say season box seats at Citifield?) to have a guy named Tyler Florence cook dinner for a few couples at our house. I have since given up drinking to better survive in this economy!

  • At 12:19 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    That is not totally fair, IMFM - Omar obviously made an effort to sign someone other than Ollie - then only signed him as a last resort. And maybe it's a good thing he is getting all his badness out in spring training? Everybody knows he goes up and down, so better to have his down NOW and get it over with when it doesn't count. He is predictable in a crazy way, he can be really good, shortly after being terrible.

  • At 1:12 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Yb welcome back. I dunno what to make of paying boxseat money to have a man named tyler in your kitchen, but maybe its a bargain when you factor in plane tix and all the money you'd drop at the citi field store on a brian schneider jersey.

    well i think its fair Katherine, since i'm the one who has to suffer his mound adventures. Omar didn't try hard enough to lose the guy, and i thought i read reports that he loved ollie and always wanted him back. And as Cver mentioned he drastically overpaid for the dope, seeing as how no one else was making bids. That ain't 5th starter money he's getting either. And what a poke in the eye that he couldn't take the time to stay in shape over the wbc, knowing that spring training would resume shortly. He's gearing up to be twice as frustrating as he was last year! On the upside, i already have my whipping boy picked out and its still March!

  • At 8:04 PM, Anonymous cverfield said…

    The judge just sentenced Madoff to 150 seasons in those Delta Premium seats of his behind home plate to watch his own Madoff Mets. They also will cut a special hole in the screen to make sure no fouls back towards there evade him - and they will put Clockwork Orange sticks in his eyelids to make sure he doesn't doze off. More seriously, the ineptitude at times of our owners, bless their hearts, used to be our own little frustrating joke. How bizarre that it has now been brought front and center on the world stage.

  • At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Cverfield said…

    Oh, just so you all know what I'm referring to, here is the article about MADOFF'S METS tickets:'s-Mets-tickets-soon-could-be-on-market


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