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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Omar's Mission Accomplished: "I outbid myself!" $36 million for 10 cent head.

Nothing good ever came out of the Texas Rangers organization.  

Oliver Perez is not only the most inconsistent, overpaid, only-occasionally-prepared-to-pitch dunderhead on the Mets staff, but he is also the most maddening Met pitcher to watch since The Human All-Star Break Steve Trash-hell.  I am honestly not happy to see him re-signed, not just banging on the side of the tub to get attention here.  It's Minaya I came here to bury anyway.

This off-season I have turned on the Mets GM for good.  Faced with pressing needs, and repeatedly failing parts, he put all his chips on one (or two) "the Closers" and welcomed essentially the same old team back into the clubhouse.  Yes, while actual fans of the NY Mets gathered and begged for Manny happy returns, Doh'mar instead threw a couple million on top of the already too big pile for Perez, and declared victory over the off season. Why? Scott Bora$ told him to. The market for Manny is echoing the US economy, Dunn is available without draft picks, and all Omar can say is "mission accomplished."

There's no plan here. There are too many Mets looking to hide among trees when it comes to crunch time, and all those guys are still in your starting lineup, with no additions.  You don't return the same chokers back to the field without changing a few offensive ingredients and expect to keep your job.  But then in most organizations, you wouldn't be re-upped on the eve of your second (or third) horrible collapse (who's counting) either, so what do I know? We can only hope that the Phillies got worse and sign Moises Alou in that order, because this is not an improved Mets club. 

Where's the big bat?  There is none. Where's the back-up plan in left? Are you lost?
Plan B at first base when Delgado is really done?  Wrong team, pal. Injection of dynamism in a lethargic, folding chair of a team? Do I know you?

So while lil Jeffy and Fred lawyer up to fight Congress over the Citi naming rights deal and decide whether to charge $11.50 or $14 for a Miller Lite, little do they know they have just sown the seeds of their own demise. With a chance to get Manny or at least get creative, they hid behind their quasi-competent GM and kept payroll the same this off-season. You know, they still have to pay Willie and all.

Well, Ollie, that's a fine mess we're going to have to watch for the next three years.  

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  • At 12:29 AM, Blogger WillieOD said…

    music to my ears. i 100% whole heartedly agree. This is the same exact team (plus putz) that couldn't win a big game the past 2 years. why should Met fans believe we'll see anything different in 09'.

    However if we sign Manny my tune will change.

    But you're right. I think the bullpen became the scapegoat for the past 2 seasons failures, and while it was a huge weakness, it wasn't our only one. The rotation and lineup needed to be upgraded and neither has been. 85 wins here we come!!!!!!

  • At 12:33 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    So well put and I have been very much feeling the Dubya vibe from this guy. I'm angry about the way he has been unaccountable, keeping his head in the sand, clueless and downright misleading. We could use a Weapon of Mash Destruction or two in our lineup, but they are missing.

  • At 12:03 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    I think the Monterrey Mainliners had a competitive offer in for Ollie. Let's fact it. The Mets don't want to recreate Ebbetts Field. They just don't want to be seen as trying to compete with the Yanlkees---and failing. They are not even wanna-bes.

  • At 8:34 AM, Anonymous YB said…

    Same old same old with this team. 22 years since a WS victory? We should be comfortable with it by now.

    Hey IMFM, nothing on Shamsky? I assume you are working all the angles on this crazy x wife of his. I know we've all been exposed to at least one crazy female like her!

  • At 8:18 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    Totally disagree

    I thought Omar did exactly the right thing over the off season. With our same offense, last year we would have easily won our division if all games had been called in the 8th inning. That is a fact.

    Where is the big bat? My answer: Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Delgado and possibly Church. Remember those guys? Of course they have been inconsistent, but there's no guarantee any NEW guy you get is going to be consistent, either. And don't forget the new guy - Murphy - he could be a big bat AND answer the left field question. As could Angel Pagan or Fernando Tatis.

    And Manny Ramirez? Blaachh!!! He is a big, slobby, home-run-admiring, selfish, self-aggrandizing NUTCASE. And I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the other 104 guys on the 2003 steroids-positivity list that the feds now hold.

  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    i got nothing on Shamsky cuz just as I went to the typewriter, the Annual Yankee Steroid Admission Carnival got underway. I just hope this doesn't detract from the persecution of Roidger Clemens.

    Catherine, it's nice to see a little Yes We Can spirit around here, and I pray to the flying spaghetti monster you turn out to be right. BUT I do remember those guys, and that's why I have little faith. Wright, Reyes, and Beltran (the guys I really remember) might all have terrific years but what if one of them goes down? Where is the support that was lacking last year for the big three in the batting order? And when Angel Pagan or Tatis is the answer to your questions, you are not talking bout a championship club in my estimation. Nay, I say.

    Manny may be a headcase, but if we had to hide our traveling secretary and put up with a little absenteeism once in a while to get this dreadfully moribund September offense going, I have decided it would be worth it.

  • At 10:17 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    do not forget--this has happened with Billy Wagner and his 40+ saves, and without Billy Wagner and his 40+ saves. Believe all you want that it is the bullpen. The one consistent factor over the last THREE (yes, three) years, has been a lineup that choked it up against bad pitchers in a big spot.

  • At 10:22 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    oh, and by way of a P.S., would it not be nice if the schedule makers can arrange for the mets to vomit up what is left of their season on the road this year? The fans deserve a little consideration.

  • At 12:03 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    as the crap frosting on the shit cake, the marlins are now making fun of us after all our collapses.

    I love that the MLB network has the "Arod admission" covered. Its win win for them: look the other way while their athletes disgrace the game and then try to move some advertising to benefit when their best player personally disgraces himself.

    Ah well, we Mets fans will always have the mid 80s Mets...the team that did REAL drugs like the tough men they were.

  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    Right, IMFM - our 80's Mets actually took "Performance-Detracting" drugs, and won the WS anyway!


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