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Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Get the Door, It's the Domino-like Mets"

There is little original thought coming through in the blargosphere lately, as signified by the great hubub over the Mets new commemorative patch, seen above. I don't plan on remedying this problem other than to note the subliminal message the Mets are sending (see the title of this post). But, if you need distraction from the horrors of the Mets' corporate-on-corporate sodomization (they are thrilled Citi allowed them to use orange!), here are a few exceptions:

Jaap is making the case for Randy Wolf, a "middle of the road nowhere man" over Ollie. I'm down with the blogable surname too. 

Leitch is commenting on the Mets again. Check it out, mediated by CSTB as it always should be.

Are you comfortable with the Mets offense counting on Wright, Reyes, and Beltran? That seems like a lot of pressure for an offense that seems addicted to late-season collapse. This team still needs an offensive re-boot and its freaking me out that nothing is being done.  If you missed it, here is my "insta-plan" for the rest of the Mets offseason spending:

With the money saved on inaugural patch design:

1. Sign Ben Sheets to short, incentive-laced deal , hold nose and give up draft pick(s), sign another retread for the rotation just in case
2. Sign Manny to what the market will bear, or get Adam Dunn for Chrissakes.
3. Find a diamond in the minor-league-rough catcher to "back up" and hopefully depose B-Schneid by midseason. his suckitude will be a 2009 sub-plot otherwise.
4. For shits and giggles, you could waive Castillo and sign Hudson.
5. Find another bat for bench (someone who can play first base?) and a reliever or two (a lefty?)

For a mere $40 mil or so, problems solved!


Is it fair to bust on the Mets for having a shitty sense of style when they have so many other problems (holes in the rotation and at the corner outfielding spots, question marks at second, catcher, rightfield and the bullpen, GM with no plan, Owner facing gigantic financial losses)?

To be fair, at least we should compare patches from other teams, no?

Here's the Br*ves' "In-Aw-Girl" Patch, as they spelled it, from the opening of Turner Field in 1997:

And the Washington Nationals' emblem from a couple years ago:

And here, finally, is the patch the Philadelphia club will be wearing this season.

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  • At 1:04 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    The Mets lineup is the definition of insanity. Omar's insanity.

  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    i expected my late offseason plan to take the world by storm, but i think that crazy USair pilot is takin all the attention.
    Anyone know a good SIGN MANNY petition to Omar?

  • At 7:02 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    This just in: Since Citibank doesn't really have the cash, to say the least, it has been agreed by all parties that their agreement with the Mets was ill-conceived and therefore, a much more synergetic arrangement has been made with Rustoleum, since the Mets' new stadium already has rust. Since the entire US is so cash-poor, the Mets have now settled for a lifetime supply of their new sponsors' product in return for the new name RUSTOLEUM FIELD!!! Also, I think Mr. Staub will be doing some promos and Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps will be involved in some capacity.

  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    Don't begrudge the pilot of the attention he has received. Anybody who is given the first name of "Chesley", and avoids becoming a serial killer or a wino, deserves praise.

    IMFM (I hope YOUR name isn't Chesley), I don't think we're going to get Manny, or any other good hitters. Don't you think we'll have to make do with the players we currently have, for the most part? Pitchers and Catchers are starting soon, it's a little late for big acquisitions, now.

    And I am GLAD we have such a terrible ugly embarrassing patch. Serves the players right!! If they want a nice patch, WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!! Then they can have a really nice one.

  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Maybe it's not too late. Sheets, freddy garcia, dunn, manny...i think it's time for a hail mary or two from omar to save his off-season. Grab up a couple of fragile pitchers to give us some hope. The team needs to be re-tooled, one way or another--lineup still has no supporting hitters, or a complementary big bat, depending on your preference. Rotation still has holes. Bullpen not that impressive if one of those two guys goes down.
    Ken Griffey Jr. for Pete's sake?

  • At 2:47 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    I say third place. But it does not matter. After first, every other place is really last place.

  • At 3:29 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Omar Minaya - No He Can't!

  • At 9:18 PM, Anonymous YB said…

    You guys never change, very refreshing in this change obsessed environment!

    Forgot to check in for a while, but I am grateful to see IMFM still has it!!

    The only more disappointing thing to the Mets not willing to just forget the economic strife in this country and buy every FA available is the unrelenting drone of the SNY personalities and Cerrone's Rainman like repetitive blog.

    I guess I can watch Manny in my new hometown park, AT&T. IMFM, CVER, let's meet at the new Citifield this summer!


  • At 12:27 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    HEy YB, welcome back, original fan club member. Don't hear from you so much, so I have to guess what you're reactions to each successive collapse must be. I'm guessing: bad.

    The team is not as bad as when I started this clambake in order to assure negative nellies such as ourselves a fair voice in the blargosphere back in 2005. But they've managed to become more devastating somehow.

    I'd certainly like to get to RUSTOLEUM FIELD this season, to see my brick! (hopefully i won't need to dig it up and throw it on the field). Maybe you can pick us up in your private jet?

  • At 7:20 AM, Anonymous YB said…

    There is only one brick I would lay for this team if they lose again (ah, second grade bathroom humor!).

    I actually have a private jet story, alas, not mine, commercial will have to do!

  • At 7:58 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    Hi Mr. YB. Good to see you are still around. Probably more likely to see you at ATT than at Rustoleum Field, since I did my Shea Goodbye and didn't plan to go to the East Coast this year. Besides, I will support the new park as little as possible, as well as the Mets. That means, I'll get my MLB.TV subscription and that's it. I deliberately didn't buy any of the Shea Stadium commemorative stuff when I was there, because to me that would be rewarding bad behavior. The bad behavior of shutting the average fan out by cutting the amount of seats down and raising prices, taking away our Shea with its history (which would have been fine if they fixed it up IMO), and now the penny-pinching and cluelessness once again with our team - not their team. Fred Wilpon, as nice as a guy as I'm surehe is, has his heart with the Bkln Dodgers, Omar with Latin American baseball in general and his old heroes Clemente, Marichal, etc and Manuel is pretty much a paid employee, probably nostalgic for one of his old local teams like the Oakland A's. Nothing wrong with any of that, except that they control the destinies of us,the ones who really bleed Orange and Blue and we don't care about their bottom line. There is a lot of risk taking being done with our franchise - they've cost-estimated our team into irrelevance. Lowe and Manny would have been nice additions and now Lowe is with the team that I will probably always regard as our greatest rivals. Have fun there in SF!

  • At 11:43 AM, Blogger Brian said…

    I apologize contacting you through the comment section, but I am interested in placing advertisement on your site along the sidebar. The ad would be a simple text ad of about 30 words with a few links embedded.

    If you are interested please respond.


  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    i just heard that Junior Wilpon is tellling people that Omar has never suggested signing Manny to him. a Wilpon would not lie to save face, would he?


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