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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tongue Wags, Mets Party Like its 2008
The Mets faltered, but luckily K-Rod was there to save the day!

Mets pitchers had nothing, almost the whole game. And it was a long, irritating game, especially considering what's coming tonight with the Ollie show rolling in. I hope Brian Stokes had a big supper. The Mets, just two games into the season, have already reclaimed that magical style whereby at the first sign of a laboring pitcher who is battling without their best stuff, the call goes out to the dynamic defense, who then blend the awful pitching seamlessly with shoddy fielding, careless throwing, losing balls in the lights, and if there's time, grievous mental errors galore. This is 2008 Mets baseball at its finest. The problem is of course, that its 2000 freakin 9. A black man is president. My IRA is gone. It's a new year! But as of now, this is the same flawed team as last year folks, aside from a couple of new closers (I was wondering how many KRod appearances it will take Metsfans to realize their hearts would be better off if Putz was the closer.) And Pedreadful Feliciano (27.00 ERA) is Still. On. The. Roster.
Mike Pelfrey, pictured above, battled with less than his best stuff.

The good? Well Tongue, he was wagging, but he battled. Brian Schneider still sucks at hitting but perhaps tonight's heroics will give him some confidence. He's still good at picking wives. Carlos Delgado can't field worth a shit, but he's hitting. And when K-Rod nearly blows a game out his ass, he apparently dials down the pomp and pump. That's nice.
Cincinnati's Reds might not be very good, but the townspeople, pictured here, always rally to their cause no matter what.

Look it's early, and I'm not going to make hay about how the Mets, picked for World Series glory by some and a distant third in the NL East by others, could barely beat a Reds team with barely a recognizable name on the roster. I'm just saying, you could hear the Br*ves and Philmes beating up on each other from Ohio! Unfortunately in that match, the bad guys won. Also, the bad guys lost. So really, even Steven is what we got and is the best we can hope for. The Br*ves blew a 10-3 lead ferchrissakes! The competition in the NL East is going to be much more fierce than last year, so the Mets don't have time to go all Nancy on us.



  • At 5:10 AM, Blogger metsfanincincy said…

    I.M. Forme - I'm commenting on your last two posts.

    You want to know what living in Ohio is like (I grew up in Western NY and spent 1990 - 2003 in NJ)?

    It's the land of redneck self proclaimed ultra conservative right wing hard core Christians who hate anyone that is doing financially better than them, foreigners, and those f-ing (insert N-bomb here).

    It's the land where "cornhole" is a popular game and a "three way" is a bad meal (Cincinnati style "chili").

    It's the land where driving a hybrid means you are gay, ultra liberal, and probably a communist. If you listen to NPR in your Prius you are asking to be shot.

    But for me it's also the place where I found a cool, low pressure, high paying, uber-secure eight hour a day job that allowed me to escape my high pressure career and workaholic ways, so I am stuck here.

    The no name Reds? Joey Votto is the next Mark Texiera - the kid is f-ing good. Brandon Phillips is one of best 2B in the league, Edwin E is an underrated offensive player, and Jay Bruce is the real deal. Their bullpen was 3rd best in the league last season. The SP is solid. They are better than the Mets at C, 2B, and, potentially, RF and 1B. Sweeping the Reds today would be a very good omen. I will be there and I hope Ollie the Enigma is on his game.

    Pedreadful sucks. I hate him. With so many decent LRPs available in the offseason, what was the hell was Omar thinking? Dumbass.

  • At 5:32 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    Yes, but how about that Braves bullpen? Apparently K-Rod has some of these kinds of appearances. He does tend to walk guys. But unlike Wagner, he possesses something called intestinal fortitude. I think Omar will get rid of Pre-Dreadful the minute he secures all of the negatives. This guy has nothing. He might be a set-up man on a last place team in a Taiwan league. The Mets are an offensive defensive team, and a bunch of dumbos to boot. Jerry Manuel sounds like a 3rd grade teacher when he tries to explain their lapses. Note to Jerry: these guys are fucking multi-millionaires.

  • At 11:15 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Metsfanincincy, thanks for the response, very enlightening for a flyover type like myself.
    Where I live, they come for you if you're not driving a hybrid, listening to npr and clutching a unnaturally small dog and nonfat latte. So Cincinnati sounds like fun to me. The ""cornhole" comment particularly clears things up for me. I am woefully ignorant about the Reds. I had read they would be good this year, but don't necessarily see it yet.

    I hope you're right about his intestines Jdon. I still fear/suspect he's largely a statistical creation. As for Feliciano, it is hard for me to luxuriate in the magnanimous, benefit of the doubt spirit i intend to have towards this new bullpen if Jerry is going to be calling for this spent chump every other night. He wasn't the worst of them, but he's a potent reminder. 80+ appearances for this guy last year, is it any wonder the pen sucked? Some chalked it up to pitchers being out of their "roles" but I attribute it instead to suckiness.

  • At 12:38 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    K-Rod has pitched in and won a World Series, something few famous Met relievers of the past can claim.(Rest in peace and God bless you, Tug McGraw-even if you were a Phillie). We have to pin our hopes on that exhibition of fortitude. Why Omar bid against himself to sign Ollie the Mutant I have no idea. He is crapping all over the mound again today. Only 36 more months of utter exasperation. And the firightening possibility is that Omar will be here to re-sign him.
    And while I am on the subject: I have nothing against Alex Cora but as soon as I can find something I am turning it over to the authorities. Aen't Marlon, Schneider and Castillo enough automatic outs for one team?


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