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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mets Try to Take Niese and Easley Approach to the Brewers But its Beltran and Bullpen to the Rescue

It was yet another thriller. The Mets deployed their "score at will early, shut down and hang on like hell" strategy, but they pulled this one out in the end, thanks to some outfield assisting--nice throws by Endy and Beltran--and some timely belting by Beltran (no thanks to Ed f**g Rapuano). And Daniel Murphy, of course. The Jon Niese gamble did not work out, as the best you can say about him was that Niese was eminently hittable. A sweep would be amazing, but seems entirely possible, since I don't expect that the Mets will have to solve P Manny Parra at the plate Wednesday night.

The Luis Castillo shuffle

"I'm getting better...I feel happy." Luis Castillo tries to return to the Mets' line-up.

Jerry Manuel said he thought LUIS CASTILLO was “wincing almost with his back and leg” after playing Friday and Saturday on Florida’s hard grass surface.

The Mets and J-Man are obviously trying everything short of giving him bad directions to keep Luis Castillo from finding second base. Castillo, who looked as healthy as I've seen him lately, keeps saying "I'm not dead yet...I think I'll go for a walk," to which J-Man replies by conking him over the head. It does not look like Omar's gonna be putting that contract in his win-column anytime soon:

Other questions about the Mets' call-ups (mostly the elderly or pitchers) or other injury related rumors? Adam Rubin's brief column should help.

The chUmpire strikes again!*184/090208_beltran_500.jpg..jpg

Happily, Belty was able to play tonight and had quite an impact. Again, what the f**k was Ed Rapuano doing so close to home m!&*?# plate? I don't really care if Beltran forgives him. First umps can no longer correctly tell if a home run has in fact been hit without video aid, now do they need an "umpire box" so they can stay out of the $20 million players' ways? I want an answer from Rapuano.

Rodeo Clown still at it.

Check the standings, you replacement player clown. Getting gored in the ass while wearing mascara does not make you a tough guy. Unless you're a prison clown.


What can you buy for $350 million these days?

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