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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pirates Put Mets on Fanny: Stokes Chokes and RISP=RIP once again

Pittsburgh's Brandon Moss was hitting .193 in 16 games since joining Pittsburgh as a part of the Jason Bay-Manny Ramírez trade.
Instead of limping off peacefully, the Bucs heard about the generous Mets pen and wanted in on the fun.

Ya can't win em all, right? Bullshit. The Mets lost today to a team that, symbolized by a gruesome Sunday 7th inning injury to poor Brandon Moss, could barely make it out of the batters box all week. But leave it to the Shitpen to dispel any happytime Met fans may have felt after John Maine, on his way to an extended stay on the DL if you ask me, tightrope walked through his start without giving up any runs.

Sure the mets when 7-1 or 6-1 on this road trip and sure they're still in first place. But when you lose even a single game to LaRoche Bros. Inc. in a week, much less two, you need to look in the mirror if you can stand the sight. Now that the Phils will get to feast on a Nationals team all week like the Mets did, the Mets couldn't afford to be dropping games like this, not if they want to emerge from the NL East to immediately lose to whoever they face in the first playoff round. Winning only three out of 5 games ain't too impressive.

[special note] I'm sorry, Endy's defense simply does not merit the kind of awe it receives among fanboys: that was a bad dumb throw to third, and his defensive prowess is often exagerated, though you'll only hear criticism from this space.

We've seen this all before. The question is, why hasn't Jerry Manuel or Sadly Alomar or whoever was in charge today seen enough? Where are they getting all the confidence to run the same chumps out day after day? Shuffle the roles, m*%$uckers!! Sanchez sucks BIG TIME and may well be injured. Yet with the game on the line, Alomar choses not to give newly acquired Luis Alaya a try. Did he not know the Mets had him? Sheet, if Bigfoot was sitting in the pen and I was the manager, ol' Sasquatch would be spitting out the sunflower seeds, running across the outfield and pitching from the stretch before you can say "Neither Willie nor Jerry seems to be able to manage a bullpen to our satisfaction." You don't think the Mets overpaid, spoiled relief pitchers would wait to hand Bigfoot the ball politely?
Seeing as he's still alive...Get him Omar!!

In the 9th, the Mets worked a little magic despite what may have looked like a typical weak-ass end to another Metastrophe. That's right, Robinson Cancel's family can relax now, as they are relieved to see him alive and well, and feebly ending the game. In addition, Damon Easley was finally unable to ground into a double play; though he tried there were no men on in front of him. So it's not all bad.

Can Aubrey Huff, who has cleared waivers, pitch the 6th inning? If so definitely kick the tires. Even if not, can anyone really say they feel that Delgado will stay at last month's acceptable level of performance AND Ryan Church will play again? But before you huff and puff about getting Huff, check out Camden Chat's take on the player, so you don't get too excited. Also, familiarize yourself with his pregame preparation and media savvy.



  • At 7:45 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    Oh my God. Aubrey Huff.

    Never heard of him 'til now, but that interview is the funniest thing I've read all year. It makes me almost wish the Mets would acquire him. I looked him up on the Orioles roster page, though, and there were two discouraging things: Firstly, he is listed as a DH - which suggests to me his defensive skills are bad. Secondly, his wife's name is "Baubi". We could be in Anna Benson territory there.

  • At 10:25 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Baubi? Is that like a phonetic spelling of Bobbi or a really dumb Barbi?


  • At 6:42 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    I don't know!

    Possibly she is a neurosurgeon or something. I hate to prejudge anyone, but, it does make you wonder. The word "bauble" also comes to mind.


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