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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Backing into the Playoffs?

Finally, a great trade for the Mets involving Manny?

The Mets need to be grateful for the gift near sweep of the Phils the LA Dodgers have sent their way, particularly while the Mets play a long stretch against bottom feeders (record against said-feeders thus far 2-1) like Washington and Pittsburgh, teams they usually make look like the '27 Yankees. Philly's schedule doesn't look that much tougher than the Mets', so it may come down to who can beat Washington more often. I'll curb my enthusiasm about John Maine's return until he isn't pitching in pain, and reserve optimism on Countrytime and Churchbell until hell freezes over. Meanwhile, I'll fill the hours going goony for Murphy along with the rest of you. "This is Murph Turf!" "Murphy's Law." Yeaahh.

It has gotten to the point where, when the Mets shitpen does NOT blow a starter's fine work out their butts, the shock is somewhere between here and here.

Jerry Manuel keeps promising to change things up in the bullpen, and then keeps rolling out the same bozos. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn't raising the specter of Willie Randolph, who isn't even dead yet. Letting Eddie Kunz close, this idea seems as dead as the retractable dome and roll out grass at Citi Field. The one thing that sets J-Man apart from his stubborn predecessor, namely the occasionally allowing of youthful energy to contaminate the grandfatherly incontinence of the clubhouse, and Manuel is blowing it out his ass. Sez Manuel re: Kunz: "I've got to give him a shot. I might have to give him a shot." Speaking of shot, Scott ShowNblow, right off a few of his patented Horror Show appearances, apparently called a bullpen bull session before the opening game of the Nationals series, so he is now King of Convicts.

The thing is, no one really wants to win the NL East. It's so inconvenient. Though if the Dodgers continue to charge, you know the Mets at least have a chance of getting out of the first round. According to one observer, the Marlins are also deeply flawed. In fact, the only chance an NL East champion would have in the playoffs would be if its top three teams combined their efforts. But for now, GO DODGERS!

On to some serious shit...

No Shame Department

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According to the NY Post, the truth is coming out about just how much Sterling is planning on gouging Mets fans next season. On top of that, you won't be able to see the big screen on the scoreboard unless you sit in the parking lot!! At least, according to the picture, the jumbotron is on backwards!! Luckily, I have noticed this glaring error and sent notice along to the Mets. As for the shameless 80 percent price hike on the choicest seats, one quote in the article says it all:

"It costs more to put gas in the car, or to take the train, and now it costs more to get a seat in a stadium that we paid to build," Bakal said. "It's kind of insulting to New Yorkers. Go find the money somewhere else. Give us a break, leave Joe Public alone."

If I know my Metsfans, there will be scattered outrage amongst a sea of lemming-like acceptance, quietism, and Ayn Rand-style rationalization. But if there were any justice, the Wilpons would get indigestion--the kind that comes from a massive dose of negative publicity to go with their orange juice and gold plated scrambled eggs at least one morning this week. We can only hope that the recession combines with the outrageous price schedule to fuck the Wilpons over, but that is doubtful in a sports-addled nation such as our own. Luckily, I live in another time zone and have to pay out the ass to go to my handful of games every few years anyway. But no matter what you hear, this is disrespectful to the fans. Shame wears a giant baseball for a head, kids.


  • At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i thought citifield was privately financed by the wilpons, unlike the pretentious yankee stadium ("oh, we need 20 million more taxpayer dollars")...

  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    ah im sure tax dollars figure in there somewhere. plus the 100 bucks for my brick.

  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Jaap said…

    "shitpen" is a brilliant new phrase not to mention incredibly appropriate.
    Regarding citifield, I have waxed whingeish well ahead of you, back in '06 before it was trendy :)


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