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Monday, September 08, 2008

Like It Never Happened

The Mets salvaged the last game of their poorly-played series with the Phils, Carlos Delgado rendering the limp offense temporarily turgid with a just few swings of the bat. So basically, from the Phillies perspective, they're right back where they started, 2 games back. It's like this series never happened. It certainly barely happened for wunderkind Daniel Murphy, batting .361 and having quality at-bats in big spots, who Jerry saw fit to sit this key series out, save one pinch hitting dish trip in the first game.

It has to be frustrating for the Phillies, taking two out of three just to end up in the same damn hole. Especially since two of their pitchers turned in their top effors and Mike Schmidt emailed them to tell them they were better than the Mets. Now it's kind of out of their hands. As celebrated baseball scientist Joe Morgan noted during the strangely Jeterless* ESPN Sunday broadcasts, the Mets just aren't going to collapse like they did last year (meaning the Phils can't beat the Mets 8 times in a row cause they don't play them again this season).

Troubling signs abound. Pedro Martinez is looking all but done, and now the Mets have to seriously consider replacing 2/5's of their rotation in the last month of official play. Billy Wagner is all set-backy; Countrytime Lemon is crying hick tears and it looks like "Ayala and Reyes and Pray for Double Plays" will be the Mets' 9th inning mantra from here on in. Fred Wilpon can start using all the windfall profits from the coming Citi-gauge to fill the suitcase of currency it's gonna take to get Francisco Rodrigez's attention. (Does K-Rod like dark turkey meat or white, Omar?) The play of the Wonder Twins, Jose Reyes (0 fer 9 today) and David Wright has been, in the words of that voice of American musical mediocrity (not to mention Shaggy), ponderous, fucking ponderous.

Form of...a MVP worthy third baseman who can hit with RISP! No, a speedster who tries bunting for a base hit during a slump to get himself going! No, form of...a talented young nucleus!

Looking at the Mets opposition for the rest of the season's series, only the Cubs stand out of a parade of beatable NL East laughing stocks. Many fans would relax; the Mets have already played the tough part of their schedule and they're still in first, right? Nope. We Mets fans, well we know what could happen when you put a bunch of malcontent "spoiler" little-market teams in the ring with the Mets' occasional offense and suspect bullpen.

That whole "Mets get unbelievably hot in September and roll into the NLCS" fantasy is going to be hard to maintain if Wright and Reyes don't get out of their slumps. Johan, Ollie, and Big Tired Pelf doesn't make a dominant playoff three as far as I can tell.


As an embarassed electonic internet diaryist, I'm mortified that "bloggers" is what Fox and TBS came up with when they had their staff meeting about what theme they could top themselves with after last years' Dane Cook embarassment. But Jeff Foxworthy as a blogger, is that what that is? Now according to demographics I'm a hick that lives in my mom's basement, loves October, and responds positively to really intolerable minor celebrities. Dane Cook, Jeff Foxworthy. The terrorists have won. It's impossible to come up with jokes about this because it is a joke. We need to wrest our national pastime away from the likes of Fox and TBS if they can't treat post season baseball with the proper respect.

Looks like Agent Tomahawk Gl*vine is at it again, infiltrating and subverting his homeland this time. Does that make him a triple agent?

Some internet poster said it: Pedro for $50 mil for one decent year was no bargain. This is no newsflash but is doubly annoying when you think of this: the Mets couldn't land Guerrero (back) and shipped off K*zmir (mechanics, music choice, body type or whatever) for health-related justifications, but fragile already peaked Pedro and keeping Luis Castillo from the Astros' clutches were deemed worthy investments. It just goes to show you, GM justifications are just that--rationalizations for decisions already made. This team would be right where it is now if it didn't sign Pedro or Castillo. Beltran might have said Pedro's presence influenced him, but he also offered himself to the Yankers for less money and would have gone there if Cashman had bit. Most of these things are all about the benjamins for the players, and increasingly for the GMs.

*With the Derek "Every kind of Mo" Jeter spot airing on ESPN and the 30-40 "Jeter's got an Edge" spots that torture SNY viewers every game, one has to wonder if these networks haven't hired Chipper "You No Who" Jones as Director of advertising.



  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger Jaap said…

    I'm going to go ahead and believe the Phillies' Manuel phlake out on the catcher interference call was the turning point of the season. The ump blowing the call on Wright's overslide at 3rd base was merely the sausge gravy on the biscuit. And for once, Joe Morgan's certainty and his dog whistle-like hearing (two distinct sounds, he assured on the interferene call like a grassy knoll expert) was proof he's a closet genius. I'm just glad it went our way for a change. I'm more concerned about Reyes' Septemberitis, but relieved nonetheless.

  • At 12:10 PM, Anonymous cvertana said…

    You swore you would never write the triple agents' name again. Hey man!!!! Back in the bunker now for whatever September and possibly October will bring. Great trip! Did my Shea Goodbye with a 14 inning loss (2 Delgado HR's though and 3 poopyfaced innings which finished us off) and a short, but sweet win with Ollie Perez at the helm. I even got to meet Mr. Ceetar. I've been mostly away from that internet thing, so I'll have lots of fun catching up on your archives. Hope you have had a nice summer, too.

  • At 12:11 PM, Anonymous cvertana said…

    P.S - I met Mr. Met, too!

  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Jaap, I'll call Morgan a genius if it makes us playoff bound.

    And Cver, welcome back to wherever you are. Morale definitely suffered without you, but we have no way of knowing if you're alive! Perhaps a batman like Cver-signal? I hope you do sort through the archives as its been an eventful summer.

    Now that the Billygoat era is over, it gives any postseason success we might enjoy a new feeling. At least this draws Omar's attention to the pen, since he somehow neglected it this past few years. Now the Mets can retool the bullpen at great cost this offseason. The one thing Omar is good at is throwing gobs of cash at guys, so Francisco Rodriguez has to be flipping through yacht catalogs with a silly grin on his face right now, cause wherever he goes, he bout to get paid.

    Filling three slots in the rotation and the entire bullpen! Yipee!

  • At 3:48 AM, Anonymous cvertana said…

    Good to be back. Besides the obvious human side to it, I have mixed feelings about Wagner going down. Like Benitez, Billy has been many times roughed up in "big games", but at the same time, can be counted on to convert a large number of saves during the regular season. To look at the glass half full, would suggest that we have already gotten our saves from Billy this season, without the "obligation" of putting him in now, to blow these huge games in September and October. Sometimes with guys like these, it all feels like a big charade. "Here he is - Billy Wagner - our gunslinger", when deep down inside, we know it's probably about 50/50 that he and the Mets will come out alive with our 3 outs and the win. That said, good luck and get well Billy and even better luck to Ayala, Maine, Stokes, Reyes or whoeverthefuck.

  • At 5:50 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    Re: filling the slots in the starting rotation

    Its one of the circles of hell for Mets fans - we always have to be suffering through two years of developing a young wild pitcher. Pelfrey's 2 years are up - now it's Jonathon Niese's turn. At least we're seeing the dividends with Mike - I pray they don't ruin him this fall.

    And why not pay the bucks to keep Ollie?

  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    re: Wagner
    I too am conflicted Cver. His choke jobs were so poorly timed, I once spent a whole morning photo shopping Billy into a star wars themed Mets closer hall of shame. It just seems like he didn't do enough for the Mets. I guess we'll just have to remember him for his 16.88 ERA against St Louis in the 06 NLCS. Maybe our suffering will come to an end when the Mets find or develop a Daniel Murphy-style closer, someone unflappable who doesn't see the need to make his appearances interesting.

    Already there are articles citing the front office as not being interested in pursuing K-Rod cause they know he wants to stay in SoCal. This might be for the best, as the Mets may be learning the lesson right now that they don't need a big name closer to compile a winning record. Maybe this offseason they will make holistic repairs on the pen, bringing the general level of quality up instead of spending it all on the back end (or horse's ass as the case might be). Also, we haven't seen Reyes in action yet.

    "And why not pay the bucks to keep Ollie?"
    Katherine, 'cause Ollie's gonna cost, and he is all sorts of erratic. If the Mets had a lot of options and Ollie asks for the moon, the smart decision would be to walk away. But this will be one of the hardest decisions ever since he's OUR crazy erratic starter and The Maine launching is uncertain, leaving us with the Great Santana and Big Pelf. Come winter, the Mets may not feel they have a choice and Ollie is a known commodity. As far as developing young pitchers, hopefully the success of pelf, maine, and ollie are tidings of good things to come, symbolic of the mets commitment to pick up solid arms either in the draft or in trades.


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