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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brett Myers' Wife Rests Easy as MetsNation Waits for Rain to Stop
Get it? 'Cause Myers beats the shit out of his wife. 'Cause he's a piece of shit.

As fans, last night's loss was painful, but routine. The Mets just ran into a pitcher having a great night, not to mention getting a lot of outside curve balls called strikes. A few inches here and a few inches there, and it's a different result. I could complain that the Mets didn't even bother to adjust to Myer's dominance, perhaps by dropping a bunt down or continuing to make him work hard, but this game was lost as soon as Myers pulled on his wife-beater t-shirt and uniform and stepped on the mound. But as humans, there is an upside: chances are that the lovely lady pictured above, Kim Myers, will not be spending any time in the emergency room tonight. So it's not all bad.

Mike Schmidt--ha! Campaign for Charlie's job much? I liked his last, much more effective psychological attack on the (1986) Mets better. Cocaine bad, steroids, amphetamines good, right Mike?

Despite what all common sense might tell me, I guess I still don't take the Phillies seriously. The Mets shat away last year's playoff hopes; somebody had to be named NL East champs and the Phillies just happened to be in the right place at the right time. They're no Br*ves. Old Jimmy Rollins stole the MVP, but it seems he can't even lead them based on that. Ryan Howard's longterm contract status is anything but secure. Chase Utley and Cole Hammels are nice players, but there is something--perhaps their country club names-- vaguely unthreatening about them.

Despite the nuisance the Phillies have become, I don't really even loathe them. I'll leave that to their hate-filled fans. Their befuddled announcers don't really bother me either, although I am still trying to figure out why so-called Extra Innings carried the Phillie feed for a game at Shea Friday. What does the MLB have against SNY?

The big problem now is with this double-header. When the Mets lose a first game, even in humiliating fashion (which last night was not), it tends to mean only that the opponent, even if they are Philly, is in for a beating for the rest of the series. Say what you will, but one thing these Mets have going for them is resiliency. However, in this case, losing the first game does turn out to be big, thanks to Motherf** nature--and the pressure to sweep a double-header, which my gut tells me, is very difficult. Win one game and the Phils remain 2 back, get swept and its tied up and the doubts will creep in.

Is all lost if the Mets can't sweep on Sunday? Maybe not. No matter the outcome of this series, the Mets will beat themselves out of the playoffs or they won't. And the now you see it now you don't offense, cast of thousands in the bullpen, and unresolved rotation health issues will be the key factors, not the Phillies.

I'm a bit conflicted about the rain out, since thanks to vile FUX Network and the MLB, I was going to be hardpressed to enjoy this game broadcast anyway. Not that I ever enjoy watching Jamie Moyer starts, in which the Mets usually step into what they expect will be a batting cage only to realize it's a goddamn funhouse of smoke and mirrors. But this Saturday and the next are a late season revival of the FUX factor, where loyal national fans are cut out of watching big games on Saturday because FUX bought the rights and then does not broadcast the games in many regions, enraging price-gouged baseball fans and fair-minded folks everywhere. I've gone on at length about this many times before. Now I'm just praying that so-called Extra Innings isn't asleep at the wheel (in true American corporation fashion, it is apparently impossible to contact them sucessfully) and will add tomorrow's afternoon game to their schedule.

Til then, I'm as chill as Kim Myers.

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  • At 8:48 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    even when Extra Innings doesn't carry the games, usually does. And now they have started a "pay per day" option if you don't have a season's subscription

  • At 10:03 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    thanks, i noticed that--but those bastards will never get another red cent out of me. I've already joined on their promotions and quit twice this year (it's useful when i travel). I have a well established principled opposition against giving in to their business model, which is to make me pay twice to see many saturday games.
    It turns out the game is on the EI package, which will at least help me calm down long enough to bite my nails all day long over the results.

  • At 11:27 PM, Anonymous YourBlogStinksGoPhils said…

    Hey, guess what?!! The Phillies are up 1-0 in the WORLD SERIES! How are those Mets doing? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

    Anyway, I enjoyed your salty Phillies rant, but regardless of how the series turns out, the Phillies are better. You can argue the stats all day long. But paper champions always end the season up in flames.
    Enjoy the series!

    We're still the team to beat, anyway you slice it!
    Go Phillies!


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