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Sunday, September 30, 2007


The indignities are finally over. MLB extra innings of course went from the final out of the Mets travesty right to the last strike of the Philmes clinching, a game that for some reason the expensive MLB package did not carry! So we had to watch the Phillies wife beater closer strike a gorilla pose after closing out the mysteriously sucky Gnats. This after enduring the Marlins broadcast instead of the SNY guys. Why carry the Marlins inferior feed, a team with a fanbase of 43 people mostly elderlys who forgot to turn the channel and think they are watching "This Old House"? Simple: MLB sucks. The Fishy pinheads crowed as if they had finished third or something. It was classless, just like the entire Marlins organization.

Not much to say, but there is some closure to be had from the game, on the bright side.

1) This team showed what it was made out of today. Cotton candy. Yesterday was a last gasp not a rebirth. I guarantee there is not a single Mets fan who can say the Mets deserved to win the NL East or get into the playoffs. The Mets did not deserve to win. Their stars failed. Their scrubs failed. Their management failed. The batboys are the only one's who did their jobs.

2) It was painful, but the Mets have to have finally exorcised Agent Tomahawk Chop, the toothless wonder, from this team. Baseball is an amazing game, a team sport that is still possible for one individual to play an inordinate role. Toothless' totally dickless "effort" should convince everyone of what I have been saying for years now, that Gl*vine is done. He can not survive on his guile or preparation alone and he is inferior at this point to Jamie Moyer, or any other young pitcher the Mets could replace him with. Don't expect to see that name on this site again, he is dead to me. If he is re-signed, Omar is not the GM we thought we had, and I will picket Sterling Enterprises myself.

3) If Charlie Manuel is the manager of the year, what does that make Willie Randolph? Sorry Willie lovers, the question has to be asked. Willie's claim to the job is not his strategic abilities. And his motivational abilities have to be called into question. Will he get fired? Hard to tell. But the stigma is stuck to him, and the Mets brass will want that stigma gone. The fish feed focused its cameras on Wilpon who looked like he was pondering which heads will roll.

Although I think the Phillies deserve their tainted title, they shouldn't get to high on themselves since without a monumental collapse they'd be nowhere. It occurs to me that all the Mets cockiness in the early season motivated and eventually rubbed off on the rest of the NL East. The Marlins are way out of line with their cockiness. They truly suck. And they have earned our hatred.

The embarassing starting pitching.
The listless and untimely offense.
The clown car bullpen.
The big-mouthed non big game closer.
The muddled management.
The not ready for prime time stars.
The head scratching lack of mental preparation in the field.

It's all history now.

So the season of bitterness has come. Followed by the cold winter. But spring is just around the corner!


  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Andrew said…

    For me to have been there last night.. and then heard the score today (no SNY in Philadelphia, besides which I had no cable or internet until late afternoon)... was like packing the sweetest of victories and the bitterest of defeats into 24 hours.

    ... Ouch.

    But I agree with you. No one can say that with the way they played, they deserved to win.

    This team needs some major changes, and as much as I don't like Willie, those changes have to start with players. Next year: No Glavine. No Heilman. No Schoenweis if possible (fuckin' three-year contract). No Mota! No Lo Duca, who has a lot of heart and no pop. No Delgado. No Green. Please, please, PLEASE go out and sign Texiera, Omar. And if you can get ARod too... that would be great.

  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger Allan said…

    You didn't get the Sillies game down there on MLB? Funny, it was on up this way. I've disliked the lead Marlin announcer since he used to be on FauxSportsSeattle in years past, and when his sidekick Tommy Hutton was bagging on the "Let's Go Mets!" chant in the first inning while the Mets imploded, it was all I could do to keep from throwing something (besides, he was a Phillie when he played, from what I recall).

    Spot on assessment on everything else though, all of our worst thoughts and fears of the team being realized. (I'd purchased one of those matted team photos down at the post office earlier this year, now I can have something to remind me of the suckiness that has transpired over the last month or so).

  • At 8:16 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Thanks for the comments guys, i feel a bit less lonely.

    The Fish are shaping up, from their broadcast team, to their fat punk third baseman, to Al Leiter, as a arch enemy. Maybe a good enemy to have seeing as 4 out of 5 years, they suck the big one.

    Andrew, I think most of those guys will be run out of town. My comments:
    No Glavine (who? never heard of him)
    No Heilman (i used to see him as an asset, now i just dont want to see him)
    No Schoenweis (he was injured though--is he having surgery?)
    No Mota! (drugs are baaaad)
    No Lo Duca (if he must be purged, I'll look away)
    No Delgado (I still like him. What's more, no one else does)
    No Green (poor guy)

  • At 7:21 PM, Anonymous braveheart said…

    No way Omar signs Texiera for next year...he has another year on his contract with the Bravos. Sorry about that guys...but you can watch him when he visits New Yawk along with his best friend Larry.

  • At 8:46 PM, Blogger Whitney said…

    IMFM, great season covering the Mets. If they'd performed as admirably, we'd be awaiting some NLDS action now. Keep it up in '08 -- if you can bear it.

    -- Whitney at MLC

  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger Jaap said…

    Not the way you want to do it but the Mets certainly paved their road to infamy.

    I dunno if the Marlins are our new Braves or not. The Braves still seem to do a good job of it once in awhile, the Phillies certainly beat the piss out of us time and time again, the Nats were right there to kick us when we were down. Hell, come to think of it, the entire NL East might be our new Braves.

    Perhaps the Mets should petition to be moved to the...hang on, can't think of a division weaker than the NL East...

    Oh well, hope you develop a winter-theme blog or carry on with this one in the offseason as it was such fun to read your quips and jibes all season long.

    I dunno wot's next - let's go Rockies?

  • At 12:24 PM, Anonymous help-a-rascal said…

    i demand that you retract your thoughtless and vicious slander upon the name and reputation of cotton candy, which, as everyone knows, is a delightfully delicious treat. it certainly contains more substance than the team to which you compared it. for shame.

    most sincerely,
    help-a-rascal, esq.

  • At 9:58 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Thanks for all these comments. I shall continue to post once I dry the tears, and dry my liver. Plenty of people in the mets world are expounding about the disaster, so i have taken the opportunity to wallow a bit in solitary misery.

    I do enjoy writing for some of the internets finest wits, dashing ladies, and men-about-town and i thank you all for bothering to load this page this year and in years past.

    I think what we now, is, now we root AGAINST things. I think it's fairly obvious who we hate.

    (ps. as if you need another reason to hate Toothless, he grew up in Mass, yet he is a Thrashers fan, not a Bruins fan, according to SI.)

  • At 6:35 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    Ah the agony of defeat - for the Mets and now the hapless Philmes and Cubs. Choketrain's next stop Yankee Stadium? From my lips to Mr. Met's ears.


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