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Sunday, September 30, 2007

You. Gotta. Believe.

does that look like Paul loDuca or am I crazy?

"We Worked To (sic) Hard, Let's Finish This." *

It looks like Billy Wagner, man of letters, is at it again. His inspiration? The frustration of illiteracy combined with the knowledge that you are squandering your talent in ways that your kin's kin will be a talkin' bout.

While its too soon to tell if the Philmes broke the heel on their glass slipper, we now know a few things. Let's review:

John Maine knows the Heimlich maneuver.
Lastings f*&#? Milledge is in the hizzy.
Reyes' catalyzing powers are still being studied by scientists. Can they be harnessed?
The Sillies can be pressured.
The Fish are a bunch of punks. Really.
HEAD and Thrillage, "no there place," and it's on the field.
Alomar's can help this team.
The fundamentals of reading and writing are not this team's strong point.

Chills are running down the thrills that are running down my spine. Ineffective Tom Glavine is due, but this team needs to be managed flawlessly tonight, and to me, that means HEAD behind the plate, and LM in the field. And Willy needs to know when to use that hook.

lets go. Mets. Drink that potion.

For handy reference.

*maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the Mets. Apparently Red Sawx shortstop Julio Lugo has a younger brother, "Ruddy" (pronounced Rudy) of the Oakland A's who can't even spell his own name right. But I digress.

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