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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Going Insane, Beltran's Pain and Prayers for Rain

"Even mother nature can't bail out the Mets" (paraphrase of a poster on hotfoot chat last night)

As much as we love to watch baseball and win fair and square, I doubt there's a Metfan alive who didn't perhaps want the tarps to stay put and Pedro to be rewarded for his magic show last night after a 2 hr 20 minute delay. Since there weren't any Fish fans at the game, they might not have minded or even noticed.

If you don't recognize Martinez' getting out of a bases-loaded hell with one out in the fourth by striking out Cody Ross and Olivo looking as a turning point in the season, then perhaps you should. Losing this game would have put the Phillies and their stinky breath right down the Mets necks. The hemorrhaging of runs continues unabated, but there is no time now to apply the tourniquet. Although going to the pen right now is as safe for the Mets as hailing a taxi cab, the Mets pulled it out and gave us a night of more light gloom and less doom. Satan has yet to return for Jimmy Rollin's soul, but it is just a matter of time before the Phillies realize who they are.

Thankfully, the exhausted pen, exhausted perhaps by the Mets' dubious grand strategy of carrying a rotation full of 5 inning guys, old and young, held more or less firm, and the Marlins' volleyball-style defense did the rest of the work. Mota looked for a brief and shining moment like Roid Mota. Meanwhile this season's tale of two Carloses continues, although Gomez's Reyes-like boner getting thrown out trying to steal third should not be overlooked. While Delgado enthusiasts such as myself had to feel warm and toasty when he knocked one yard, it is clear as a Beltran that the Mets are in trouble if they are without their centerfielder. Our fingers might be cramped from crossing, but it looks like we have to hold our breathes a bit longer, like we would if birthday boy and rich food lover Tommy Lasorda passed one of his 80 year old farts.

Speaking of older men, Delgado is starting to be more vocal in the press, and if he can return and contribute offensively and leadershipwise, it would be a tremendous lift. Delgado probably realizes this could be his last chance for a title and there could be no play for Mr. Gray. So Carlos, apply that Just for Men stuff to your beard and go out and give it one last shot. Just for Mets.

My (exhausted) gut tells me that Ollie is due to give an outstanding performance. Or run off the field crying Zambranistically. Quite simply, Ollie must not be Ollie today. He has to dominate, keep his pitch count down and let his defense help him.


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