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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Playoff Train Leaving, Mets Under it

wait, wait, but our team is so good...

I handled it relatively well last night, but the umpteenth humiliation, the loss that in all probability knocked our heroes from the playoffs for good, was a long time coming. This morning however I awoke in terror. The end is nigh. Baseball withdrawal is going to hurt a lot this time.

My friends what is there to say? All we have left is to try to describe the feeling using poorly chosen mixed metaphors. We thought our team was a bunch of winners. They think they are a bunch of winners. As Omar has said, "Winning finds Willie." Well folks, winning got off on the wrong exit somewhere, had its cell phone die, and is getting the tar beaten out of it by some local toughs. Meanwhile, this season has turned into a pumpkin. A pumpkin, I'm afraid to say, filled with losers.

These are miracle Mets too, in a way. It turns out that there are bad miracles too. Blowing a 7 game lead with 17 games left. The Mets got miracle whipped. Aside from some obvious design flaws, this team was constituted by likable, dependable talent, a far cry from the teams of yore. But more and more they do seem to be the opposite of Bobby Valentine's late 90's Mets, a team with far less talent but far more grit, battling superior opponents and sometimes beating them. And though it must be said that there is little you can accomplish without arms, these Mets beat themselves, not once, but a million times.


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