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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mets Give Marlins an Ollie Pop*

Well, I'd love to describe what yesterday's game LOOKED like, but I had to listen to it on the radio, and not even real radio, internet radio, which is like a cruel poke in the eye to techno-fabulists that think technology always improves our lives. That's right, I paid MLB twice for a game in Florida, once for cable and once for internet, and I was still blacked out, in order that Fux Network could NOT show the game on tv anywhere near where I live. I live in California. I am not alone in my outrage. The day of reckoning is coming for you Bud Selg.

I understand the need of the Philmes to keep winning, but must they do it in dramatic, or late-game fashion?

Looking up from my own personal Met misery to read the Sunday papers, I see that the Cubbies are back in the playoff race. Great, now the Mets will have to deal with destiny as well as several superior pitching 1-2 punches should they make the playoffs. On the brighter side, I see the the Pads are still on pace to shut the Philmes out of the playoffs altogether. It's not that I don't think the Mets could take Philly when the chips were down, it's just I'm frazzled enough that I'd just rather play the Pads.

Some interesting copy over in Bill Madden's space, and by interesting, I mean it's stuff I have raised before. However, if the Mets brass is regretting not handing Many Acta the job instead of Willie (which sounds fanciful to me), then they are bonkers. Although I never put anything past Jeffy. In my opinion, Acta could barely coach third base in his tenure with the Mets, though it looks like the Cubs performance may rekindle the Sweet Lou bloodletting in Mets Nation. Madden makes the case for Willie in any event and is worth reading.



*title provided by Cver's Pet Rabies Testing Service "If Fido's Foaming, We'll be Roaming: Call Us!"


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