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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mets Limp Into Break
I know someone who wasn't afraid to show their face.

It was one of the Mets patented shaky blown blow-out kinds of games, at a park built to undermine David Wright's next contract demands, against a team whose mascot, and win loss record, is a weak facsimile of the Mets,' but well, it was a win. The Mets got un-Met-ly production from damn near the entire line-up. Now the Mets can enjoy a few days off to think about the hole they have dug themselves, and hopefully ride a free and easy attitude into a second half run. Maybe Frenchy can show them some of his hillbilly tricks to lighten their moods.

As if to underscore the stupidity of much of the design of Citifield, the new and improved rocket loaded home run apple, like the Mets offense most days, refused to appear when Tatis tatooed a tater. It must be hard being a celebratory apple when budgeting required that there be no top hat to rise out of.

Razor Shines will be a little more anxious when he wakes up this morning, but sabermetricians rejoice! Manny Acta is finally available again, and looking for somewhere to replicate his fine work with the Nationals.

Would you fly with this guy?...

video via Can't Stop the Bleeding

It's not only the current club that is running the Mets' good name through the mud. View the video for details about Nails' valiant fight against bank fraud and for the American people. If you have some extra time during the all-star break, you can see fat stupid Lenny Dykstra's latest scheme (post-bankruptcy) at the Legends Air website ("where the Stars Fly!")

The website/front describes Dykstra, who "is the founder of The Players Club, as it has been his desire to give back to the sport that gave him early success in life; by teaching athletes how to invest and protect their incomes." About half way through the video, you can watch Lenny, who has apparently intuited the contradiction between his bankruptcy and his business ventures, try to talk his way to respectability. It's train wreck stuff.

So after watching that video, I am assuming that if you call 1-800-453-4124, the number listed on the website, you will get to talk to Nails himself. When asked where he'll be in a year, Nails says, "Let's put it this way, I'll be living the dream...I'm about reality...I'm about the truth." No updates on whether Keith Hernandez will continue to serve as food critic for the Player's Club , as reported, when it relaunches in the oh so very near future.

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