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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Jerry Demands Mets Ride Bus He Normally Throws Them Under

Media reports said it was a "bus" the Mets climbed on for team unity, but I know better.

Here I am, ready to go with as many "Unity Bus" jokes as I could come up with.

The Mets won? What's that you say? With that line up? I don't believe it. That would be like Osama bin Laden understanding the joy of Hanukkah. That must mean that Mike Pelfrey did the only thing a Mets pitcher can do and have a prayer of winning: he didn't give up any runs. He still doesn't know what a balk is, but we have to hand it to him for the effort.

Meanwhile, Bart Hubbuch with another interesting story, has Johnny Franco blasting the current Mets for everything but making 9th innings interesting and consorting with felons!! Even Franco is trying to get these guys to take responsibility for their suckiness and leadership shirking!

Franco, who was selected a captain during his stint with the Mets, admitted that he approached David Wright in spring training about performing the same role or providing more vocal leadership but was rebuffed.

There's a nice little site here worth checking out. The fella avails himself of some of the web based stat sites to probe questions that would be interesting to Mets fans, leading to some short, interesting posts in plain English about matters, such as Mets pitching stats against opposing pitchers. Unbelievably, not too many Mets blogs do this sort of thing in an accessible way. Check it out.

It's finally July!! It can't be worse than June, right?

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