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Monday, June 29, 2009

Stick This In the Mets

Hopefully some of you with short memories who pined for Brian Stokes and railed at the injustice of Jerry burying him in the pen now remember .

When Brian Schneider is your offense you're in trouble.
When the only pleasure you deliver is Castillo's smile as he uses two hands to catch pop ups you're in trouble.

Why wait for Delgado, Reyes, and Maine to come back when all of them had marginal impacts? This was a pretty frustrating team before it became a lousy frustrating team.

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  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous James K. said…

    Re: Stokes

    Were you totally against the use of Stokes? Did you disagree that he was being underused? I honestly can't remember. The grand slam sucked, but the guy throws 95 mph and was being underused earlier this season. Still a serviceable member of the pen.

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Well, I was not as curious as many to see Stokes because I remember him well from last year. Mind you, I was not *for* Willie, i mean Jerry wearing out the pen by the all star break by only using some guys, and never using others, but I expected something like that from him anyhow.

    After years of watching John Franco, I even prefer and am biased towards hard throwing relievers, but was against the idea the masses got into their pretty heads that since, 1) Stokes was underused and 2) Jerry is "stupid," that therefore Stokes was to be lionized as some kind anti-Omir of pitching because he had several clean outings early in the season. I knew what was bound to happen when he got more innings, the same thing as last year, he'd be revealed as the mediocre pitcher he is and get beaten around pretty severely. I think this will continue to happen. He is indeed a serviceable member of a bullpen. One in Pittsburgh or Washington DC. Of course, all things are relative and Mets fans can be forgiven a bit for indulging in the exaggeration of small differences since the options are still uninspiring; despite Omar's efforts, this pen is still somewhere between the "lockdown" promised and "2008" and I expect Jerry's pen management to have some second half consequences.

  • At 7:38 AM, Anonymous James K. said…

    I see. Although I think Stokes was pretty good last season out of the pen. Yeah, he gave up a couple big homers but at one point he rattled off like 13 or 14 scoreless innings in a row. He's better than Switzer, Takahashi, and the rest of that dreck, and only slightly worse than Sean Green.

    Atleast Feliciano got some time off this week.


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